the Christian life – a life together with Christ

Christians are not just nice people, who obey what the Bible says. Christians are actually people who receive Christ into them, having the divine life in their spirit, and live by this life! Actually, whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved(Rom. 10:13)! So whenever someone just calls – Lord Jesus! – the Lord Jesus Christ comes, as the Spirit, into his/her spirit! This is the beginning of the Christian life.

Day by day, we can enjoy the Lord Jesus by praying to Him – involving Him in all the details of our daily life. Why do things by yourself when you can pray and invite Him into your situation? This doesn’t mean that you can’t / don’t know how to do things / say things: it just means that, having the divine life of God into our spirit, “Christ is in you”, we Christians cooperate with the Lord and fellowship with Him. And what a sweet relationship is this! As we pray to the Lord, telling Him about our situations and condition, He supplies us with more life, more of what He is…. and what He is meets our every need!

This is how we express Christ – by enjoying a sweet fellowship with Him in big things / small things / all things of our life. As we enjoy Him, talk to Him, fellowship about everything with this Dear One in our spirit, He has a way to spread in us, fill us, occupy us, and even live in us! Wow, what a wonderful living of man with God, God with man, for God’s expression!


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