the meaning of our Christian life

God’s intention with man is seen in a consistent way from Genesis to Revelation.

  • In the book of Genesis, after creating man, He didn’t give him a list of to do/not to do things – God placed man in front of the tree of life(indicating that God wants to be man’s life – He’s outside of man, but wants to get INSIDE him!). Also, in the garden there is a river which actually reaches the whole earth…. so here we see – God intends that man would eat Him and drink Him.
  • At the end of the Bible – in Revelation, in the New Jerusalem, what we see is again – a river of life flowing from the throne and the tree of life on both sides of the river. This time, the New Jerusalem is God mingled with man, God and man in full oneness – here, for eternity, what we do is that we continue to eat and drink God in Christ as the Spirit!

In the human life, we habitually do these two things(besides breathing, exercising, learning, etc) – we eat and we drink! And because of what we eat and drink, we grow, develop, go on, mature…. it is the same in the spiritual life: we have received the life of God by regeneration, now what we need to do is to continue to receive this life as food and as drink! The Lord Jesus said: “I am the bread of life”, “I am the living bread”, “He who thirsts let him come to Me and drink”, “He who eats Me shall also live because of Me”, etc. We can come to Him by

  • opening our heart to Him,
  • calling on His name – dear Lord Jesus,….
  • praying to Him – talking and fellowshipping with Him,
  • reading the Word: “The words which I have spoken to you are spirit and are life”) and
  • praying over the Word of God “Receive the Word of God …. by means of all prayer and petition”…
  • singing and praising Him, thanking Him,

and many other ways. In this way, we eat and we drink! And, by eating and drinking Him, we grow in Him! THIS is the meaning of our Christian life: we eat and drink the Lord Jesus, and we grow in the divine life, until we fully express Him! As we enjoy Him more, we express Him more! Lord Jesus, keep us eating You and drinking You!


4 thoughts on “the meaning of our Christian life

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