nothing else satisfies us but God in Christ

If you haven’t reached this conclusion, take a moment and think about it:

  • our family life can’t satisfy us fully,
  • our social life can’t satisfy us;
  • even our online life – social media – networking – can’t satisfy us;
  • knowledge and schooling can’t fully satisfy us;
  • relationships – do not fill the deep void in us;
  • owning things, being rich, having material goods – definitely can’t fill the hunger in us;
  • having authority and managing things/people cannot satisfy us;
  • being strong and powerful still exposes the emptiness within;
  • beauty and being nice – cannot satisfy us,

There is something deep in us that can be filled only by God Himself. We are designed / made in such a way that only God can fill us and give meaning to our human existence! You may put a Coca Cola bottle on the table and admire it – yet this doesn’t fulfill its purpose! If you take a glove and use it for anything else BUT to cover a hand, then the glove, as nice and expensive and fine it may be, still doesn’t fulfill the purpose it was made for.

We as human beings may be filled with lots of knowledge(in school, university, master degree, Ph D, etc), but this does not fill the emptiness within. We may gain/earn a lot of money and have a good relationship with the people around us, or may even be in a leading role, influencing others in a positive way – this has no content, is empty, is just human endeavor, unless we, the persons, are filled with God’s life!

Deep within us there is yet another part – an organ – besides our body and our soul – it is our human spirit, which was made to contain God! You can’t fill this deepest part in us(the “God-shaped vacuum“, as Pascal called it) with anything else found in this world – only God, who is Spirit, can fill our spirit! And there is such a simple way – call on His name, talk to Him, and open up to Him!

He is a living Person – God is expressed in Christ and is ready for us to contact, receive, be filled with, and express! All we need to do is to open our  mouth and call on His name:

O, Lord Jesus!

And then…. we get life – the divine life, the life that gives meaning to our human life! And this is just the beginning of the divine life in us – which life will grow, develop, and mature! And this life, the divine life, God in Christ, satisfies us! Try it, you’ll see for yourself! This calling on His name to be filled with Him is the meaning and the fuel of our Christian life(a life with God, in God, and one with Him).


7 thoughts on “nothing else satisfies us but God in Christ

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