even as He is, we will be – His reproduction, His duplication!

I really enjoyed John 12:24 this morning

Truly, truly I say to you, unless the grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.

In the physical world, if you take a grain of wheat and put it anywhere else but in the ground/earth, it just abides alone – however nice/interesting that grain is, it does nothing. And it appears that it is dead. YET if you put that grain into the ground, it dies – the outer shell is broken – and the life within that seed is being manifested: it will start to sprout, grow, and eventually blossom/bear fruit.

It was the same with Christ: Christ came as a seed full of life, yet contained/restricted in a human shell. Satan though that Christ would be finished if He is crucified – so Satan instigated the Roman politicians, the Jewish leaders and the religious leaders to put Him to death. Little did Satan know that His death was actually a release: His death opened the “shell of His humanity”, and the Spirit of holiness had the opportunity to operate for the germination of the new creation! His death actually released the divine life within Him!

In His death, He germinated us, and in His resurrection, He brought us forth: we were all regenerated/born again/resurrected in His resurrection! Here, in His resurrection, Christ’s human part was brought into His divinity, and He produced many “grains” just like Him: full of the divine life, with the human shell! We are now His reproduction, His duplication, His continuation! His divine life in us wants now to fill us, saturate us, and eventually fully be expressed in us by coming out of us with us – in our glorification, the redemption of our body!

And this is what God wants: He foreknew us, predestinated us, to be conformed to the image of His Firstborn Son(Rom. 8:29)! Firstly, His Only Begotten Son came to the earth, put on human nature, took this nature to the cross, died, resurrected and brought the human nature into God. In His resurrection Christ as the Only Begotten Son of God became the Firstborn Son of God: many more sons follow Him now(go and tell My brothers… John 20:17)! Now as the Firstborn, Christ is the prototype, the model, for the mass production of the sons of God: we are all being conformed to His image! Wow! Lord, conform us to Thine image in emotion, mind, and will: saturate us more with Your Spirit, until our being is wholly filled! Make us Your reproduction, Your duplication, in full!

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