we depend on what we eat and we become what we eat: let’s eat Christ!

I’m still considering the picture in the garden of Eden, which is actually what is going on within us today: we are being put in front of the two trees daily – the tree of the knowledge of GOOD and evil, and the tree of life. The simple fact that God cares so much about our eating shows that what we eat is what we depend on as our source of life, and also – what we eat, that is what we become!

God presents Himself to us as food – as the tree of life: God in Christ is the tree of life, coming to us as the Spirit to be received and enjoyed! Our God has been processed: He became incarnated in Christ(John 1:14), and He became the Spirit(1 Cor. 15:45) – to be the life-giving tree of life, available for all humanity to eat! Even more: in the New Jerusalem the tree of life grows on both sides of the river(grows in the river), so when we drink the water of life, we eat the tree of life(Rev. 22:1-2)! The Triune God has done everything so that He may be available to man, for man to take in and receive, so that man would be life-d, enlivened, strengthened, and continually supplied! He called us into the fellowship of His Son!

Man is not independent – he cannot live alone because of a source of life that is within him and is inexhaustible. We are made to depend on what we eat, and even to become what we eat. If we eat knowledge – be it a good knowledge, knowing and doing good things, etc – we are dying/we eat death and become dead. If we eat the tree of life – so simple, just LIFE, the tree of life and the river of life, growing and flowing – we are enlivened, we are filled with life, and we become life! These two trees are two principles and two ways of living – both create dependence of one and independence of the other, and both result in something that is totally opposite of one another(the eating of the tree of life results in life, and the eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil results in death). If we do not eat of Christ as life, no matter how good that thing we feed on is – we take something of Satan into us. Anything that is not of the simple-uncomplicated-pure divine life is of the enemy and leads to death!

So, let’s eat Christ! He’s so available. He’s so real. He’s so near. The Bible even says: He’s in your heart and He is in your mouth(Rom. 10:8-9) – whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved(Rom. 10:13)! We need to be saved more, and to have more of Him added to our being by us opening to Him and eating Him! May we take care of our eating, taking in the tree of life and having nothing to do with the tree of knowledge! Our only constitution and the only food we should depend on is Life. This is our Christian life – not merely a matter of working or doing(which need to be done, in their time…) – the Christian life is a matter of eating Christ as the tree of life and drinking Christ as the river of water of life. This is what sustains, supplies, and keeps the divine life in us growing and developing.


7 thoughts on “we depend on what we eat and we become what we eat: let’s eat Christ!

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