as strangers and sojourners on this earth, we are ready to move for the Lord’s interest

Yesterday we saw that when the Lord appears to us, we consecrate ourselves to Him and put everything on the altar. This is what our father Abraham did, and this is our spontaneous reaction to His appearing. Also, we live a life of the tent: we are not rooted to a certain place, but as the Lord desires to move and spread, we are strangers and sojourners on this earth for Him. Our commonwealth is not on the earth(Phil. 3:20): we are heavenly people, expecting a better country, even the New Jerusalem, and we are not tied to the things/people on the earth. Living a life of a tent means that we are move-able, we don’t settle into a place for too long but have the mindset of travelling, migrating,  not being rooted.

Although the Lord has placed each one of us in certain localities, in the church in that locality, we need to have a larger view: whenever the Lord in us wants to move, and there is a positive feeling in His Body about this, we need to be ready to migrate for the spread of the church life. A local church doesn’t “keep” or “hold” the people: the more it gives/sends, the more people it receives, the more come in! This is the principle in our Christian life: we don’t “hold on” to things – we let them go, we are not attached to anything else but the Lord and His Body. And when we go – wherever we go – we bring the gospel with us! God wants to come into man, make His home in man, and be man’s friend, his life, his everything, so that man would be one with God in all that he is/does/has – for the fulfillment of God’s purpose.

Actually, everything outside/opposite God’s purpose and His heart’s desire – Christ and the church – is just nothing, a heap of ruins, even something that is judged by God. Take a good look around, and see that nothing that is here can satisfy us nor can they fill us with meaning. Even more: behind all the things in the world Satan can hide so that he would captivate our attention and get our heart distracted from the Lord! This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t/don’t use things or own things – we don’t allow ourselves to get attached to things, by us turning to Him continually! Whenever the heart turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away(2 Cor 3:16)! In our eyes, only God and His house are worthwhile – this is God’s point of view. For Him and in oneness with Him, we are pilgrims here on the earth, not rooted but ready to migrate and move for His desire to spread!


3 thoughts on “as strangers and sojourners on this earth, we are ready to move for the Lord’s interest

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