All that Christ has attained and obtained is to the church, for us to enjoy and experience

When we were regenerated, we became members of the Body of Christ – where Christ is the Head and we, the believers in Christ, are the many members of the Body. Just like in a human body, whatever the head does/has/attains unto, it is the same for the body(of the head). If the head is smart and is being respected / has many attainments, it does not do so as a separate entity, but as part of the body – this is obvious. Yet somehow, when we come to the spiritual matters, we tend to look up to as un-attainable and un-approachable all the accomplishments of Christ the Head. We need to SEE that all that Christ is and has, all He has gone through and accomplished, all He obtained and attained unto – is for us, His Body! He is the Head, and all His accomplishments are “to the church, which is His Body”(Eph. 1:22). When we see that we are organically joined to Him(just like a body is joined to the head) and we see what He is / He accomplished, we will simply apply all this to our life/living!

The best way we experience and enjoy all that Christ is, has, has attained to and has obtained is by us cooperating with Him in prayerwe apply all Christ is in His all-inclusiveness by praying these things into us! As members of the Body, we just enjoy and benefit of all the qualities, the decisions, the thoughts, the impulses of the Head. Christ has passed through a marvelous process –

  • He was God becoming a man, putting on humanity, even the flesh,
  • He lived a perfect human life, being restricted and confined,
  • He was persecuted by the people around Him,
  • He died an all-inclusive death on the cross – where He dealt with every negative item or person in the universe,
  • He was resurrected and He raised from the dead,
  • He was ascended to the highest heavens,
  • He was enthroned as Lord of all, and anointed as the Christ,

and He was given all authority in heavens and on the earth – all these He wants to share with us by us being one with Him in our mingled spirit! He wants us to exercise His authority and accomplish His economy on the earth. There are some things He does not agree with here on earth, but He needs our cooperation, our prayer, even our agreeing with Him. When we are praying in oneness with one another as members of the Body and one with the Head, we can exercise His authority to bind the evil one and release His perfect will, even release the saints/people that are bound by the enemy! Lord, grant us to see our real position in Christ, and to be one with You for the fulfilling of Your purpose! Thank You that all that You are, have gone through, and have attained unto – is unto us, for us to enjoy, experience, and exercise – for the bringing in of Your kingdom!


5 thoughts on “All that Christ has attained and obtained is to the church, for us to enjoy and experience

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