we can cooperate with God to carry out His administration by our prayer with Christ as incense

This morning I enjoyed the portion of the Word in Revelation 5:8 and 8:5, where the saints pray – and these prayers are a golden censer – and Christ adds incense to the prayers before God, in front of the throne, at the golden altar. When this sweet smell of the prayers of the saints is mingled with the incense(which is Christ) and ascends to God, fire comes down to the earth to execute God’s judgements and His administration over the earth. Here we see that we can cooperate with God in the carrying out of His administration, even in the administrating of the universe, by our prayer! You can even say that Christ administrates the whole universe through our prayers. He needs men who pray one with Him, according to His will, so that He would judge, redeem, recover, work!

Christ is the “Another Angel“(different from all the other angels) who is qualified to carry out God’s administration. He is at the golden incense altar and adds incense to our prayers – the incense is a type of the resurrected and ascended Christ as the Only One acceptable to God. What ascends to God is our prayers mingled with Christ, us praying in oneness with Christ, even us praying Christ. We go to God in prayer, and our prayer is actually our going to God. If we persist in seeking the Lord, eventually we will experience that our prayer is simply Christ. We pray not just in oneness with Christ, but we pray Christ to God – this kind of prayer is, on the one hand, sweet smelling to God(satisfying to Him), and on the other hand, it carries out God’s administration. When the prayers of the saints ascend to God with the incense of Christ, God executes the policies of His administration.

God answers this kind of prayers – Christ as our prayer. He seeks this kind of prayers, He seeks this kind of praying people to be one with Him and even praying Christ to God – so that He may execute His judgements in His administration. He wants to do many things, He even told us what He wants to do – and if we are open to Him in our personal time with the Lord, He infuses His heart’s desire into us. But God needs man to pray – to cooperate with Him in prayer! The execution of God’s administration is motivated by the prayers offered to Him at this golden incense altar. Lord, unveil us to see this, and may we be those who cooperate with You for the carrying out of Your administration!


4 thoughts on “we can cooperate with God to carry out His administration by our prayer with Christ as incense

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