our heart is the switch of life – turn your heart to the Lord

Today I enjoyed the verse in Prov 4:23 which says:

Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it are the issues of life.

Surely we must exercise our spirit, but me must realise that our heart is gateway of life, the entrance and exit of life. The coming in of life and the going out of life both depend upon our heart. If our heart is shut, life can neither enter in nor be regulated out. Whichever part of the heart is closed, the life of God cannot regulate to that part. However, once the heart is open, life can enter in and also be freely regulated out. Life can flow.

Although life has great power, yet its great power is controlled by our small heart. Lord today keep out heart soft and open to you. Make Your home in our heart. Lord Jesus we love You! [guest post, bro. Moh]


5 thoughts on “our heart is the switch of life – turn your heart to the Lord

  1. 1. He washed away my sins,
    Gave me a brand new heart;
    A heart to love Him, trust Him,
    Seek Him in His Word.
    * He tells me guard thy heart
    Above all that thou guardest;
    For out of it, flow the springs,
    The springs of life.
    2. He walks with me each day;
    I open up to Him;
    He is my life, my stay,
    And everything I need.
    3. And sometimes when I fail,
    I forget that He’s there;
    He’s just waiting, watching,
    Then He draws me near.

    Our heart is such a crucial part of our being! I just freshly appreciated that we have been given a new heart. A heart for loving the Lord, for seeking after Him, a heart for loving the saints and the church-life. By opening our heart to the Lord, speaking with Him about all the people, places, matters, and things in our heart, remaining open to the Lord’s speaking, His gentle nudgings, His resounding no’s, and by above loving Him with the first and best love our heart will be the proper gateway for inflow and outflow of LIFE.
    Amen, Lord, our heart!

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