Draw me dear Lord – draw me today from anything else!

A big part of our Christian life is singing – spiritual songs, love songs, songs of worship, adoration songs, songs of praise, songs of longing, songs on prayer, sweet songs, etc – all kinds of songs, for all the spiritual experiences we have/we need to grow in the divine life. A song not only touches the soul and is like a balm for the wounded soul, but also nourishes us, feeds us, and should draw us closer to the Lord. If we don’t get drawn closer to our Beloved Lord Jesus as we listen to a song, or if we’re not touched / comforted / shepherded / fed as we listen, we need to turn to the Lord to really touch Him and receive more of Him. We can enjoy Him by singing! How we love to sing!

Today I enjoyed the song called – Draw me, dear Lord! You can listen to it below in this youtube clip, or you can read the lyrics online + listen to the melody of the song on hymnal.net (the piano musical sheet and the guitar sheet). This is my prayer – Lord, today, draw me from anything else! I don’t want to care for other things/persons/situations – I just want to gain You today! Even if things don’t go my way, Lord, still, draw me! Draw me that I may gain You and that You may gain me!

Draw me, dear Lord! Draw me today!

Draw me, dear Lord.
Draw me today.
From everything else, dear Lord,
Draw me away.

O Lord, this whole world
Seems to weigh me down.
All the cares, the strife the sin,
Within me and all around.

But, Lord, I want to set my heart,
And, Lord, I want to stay with You.
‘Cause only when You’re near to me
Is everything okay.

And though everything may fall apart
Or everything go my way,
It doesn’t really matter, Lord,
As long as I gain You today.

Amen, this is our desire – whatever may happen, all we want is to gain more Christ. Gain Him and pursue Him. So that He may also gain us!


4 thoughts on “Draw me dear Lord – draw me today from anything else!

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