may the gospel not stop with us, but we would be seeds of the gospel

This morning I was enjoying the verses in Hebrews 11:8-9:

8. By faith Abraham, being called, obeyed to go out unto a place which he was to receive as an inheritance; and he went out, not knowing where he was going.
9. By faith he dwelt as a foreigner in the land of promise as in a foreign land, making his home in tents with Isaac and Jacob, the fellow heirs of the same promise;

We are not people who dwell on the earth, but we are travelers and sojourners on this earth, which is not our country. The same is true when we receive the divine life – this life that we have received is a flowing life, a moving life, a “living” life, that doesn’t just come to us and stays with us, but wants to flow out, reach others, flow into others… and even fill the entire earth! The fulfillment of Genesis 1:26 is that the divine life would fill all the human beings on the earth –  at least a sufficient number of them – so that God would have a solid corporate expression! This is the reason we should not be set in some rituals or places, settled in a certain place, or occupied with so many other things than the main thing: God’s purpose(which is related to the divine life and is accomplished in and by the divine life).

Since we received the divine life in us, we have the “divine germs” – wherever we go, we bring the gospel with us, so that the gospel “spreads like a contagion” – this is a normal Christian life with a normal Christian living. We don’t build a city where we live, but we “pitch our tent“, ready to move when the Lord calls us. May we not be rooted into the earth / the situations we’re in, but be ready to go! Once the Lord has grown and spread in a Christian to a certain level, he needs to go and move for the Lord’s interest to spread the gospel! The gospel does not spread by planning, organizing, or having an idea to do it – no, it is the seed of life in us growing, maturing, and then bearing fruit when it is ready! Many times the Lord calls us to go somewhere, just like He called Abraham – we just need to go, even without knowing what we’ll be doing there – we have the divine life in us, and Christ is our living map!

This is what we are: seeds of the gospel. The gospel seed came into us, germinated us and regenerated us, and made us, in turn, a seed of the gospel: persons full of life and overflowing with the riches of life. This is why we enjoy the Lord in the morning and continue to touch Him throughout the day – for His increase, for His spread. The churches should help all the believers to grow in life, mature in life, and also to prepare themselves for the Lord’s leading to “take up their occupation, families, and even more, the gospel, to migrate to” where the Lord leads them. May the gospel not stop with us(not have an outflow), but may we be seeds of the gospel bringing the good news & the high gospel(the gospel of the kingdom) to all the inhabited earth!


6 thoughts on “may the gospel not stop with us, but we would be seeds of the gospel

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