if God leads you to walk a way that you do not know – hundreds of conversations with Him

Recently, I’ve been reminded of this one portion in the ministry by Watchman Nee, in a book called “Twelve Baskets Full“:

If God leads you to walk a way that you know, it will not benefit you as much as if He would lead you to take the way that you do not know. This forces you to have hundreds and thousands of conversations with Him, resulting in a journey that is an everlasting memorial between you and Him.
Your Leader will lead you to take an untrodden way, to go down a path you never dreamed of. He is afraid of nothing, and He wishes you to be afraid of nothing also He is with you. In desperate situations it is His joy to see His children grasping His hands.

[When we kind of know where the Lord leads us, when all things go our way / the way planned, most of the time we don’t trust Him or turn to Him desperately as much as if He would lead us onto a way we have never been before. When He changes the course of our life, or when He simply MOVES us away and out of our situation, we are more drawn to Him as our Friend, our Source, our Father, our Person even – to talk to Him, to open to Him…. He does all kinds of things so that He would get our attention – even changing the environment, allowing us to fail repeatedly, to make big mistakes and blunders, etc – so that we would eventually return to Him. When we are forced to turn to Him, we start having these intimate personal spiritual conversations with Him – not just one conversation, but many – hundreds and thousands – conversations with Him. We ask Him about things, persons, situations, ourselves, His plan, our future, what to do, where to go, who to talk to…. – so many things we open up to Him and converse with Him.

We try and do our best to get an answer and to get a solution – but what He desires is for us to spend time with Him. He wants us to converse with Him. He is not afraid of anything, and He wishes we would not be afraid / fear the situations / changes. It is indeed His joy to see us grasping tightly His loving hand when we go through difficult / desperate situations. He loves us so much…. The answer we get is more of Him, more of God added to us, and a deeper dependence on the Lord. It used to be us trying to do something to change the situation or the environment/people around; now it is a dependence on the living Lord inside – just like the seeker in Song of Songs, who at the end of her journey leans on her Beloved’s arm as she gets out of the wilderness…. learning every day to depend on the Lord and tell Him everything…

All these conversations along our journey with the Lord become an everlasting memorial between us and the Lorda sweet lovely journey with our dear Lord Jesus, whom we love and on whom we learn to lean and depend – which will be with us until the New Jerusalem. Even then, in eternity, we will have this memorial of our walk with the Lord, when He changed our path and lead us on an untrod way and we learned to depend on Him more increasingly…] [guest post: Joseph]


7 thoughts on “if God leads you to walk a way that you do not know – hundreds of conversations with Him

  1. Amen!!! I love, love, love this quote!!! It’s so true. And it corresponds to what we were reading in the morning revival this week.
    “After being born as children, we must grow in life to become sons, and then we must pass through suffering that we may be glorified to become legal heirs. If we suffer with Him, we will be glorified with Him. Genuine growth in the divine life requires suffering.”

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