Hallelujah, eating Jesus is the way! Today, we just need to eat and drink and enjoy Christ

Hallelujah, eating Jesus is the way! Lately I’ve been enjoying eating the Lord Jesus! The first thing we should do when we wake up is eat the Lord! We should call on His name and touch Him first thing in the morning. Recently I’ve been practicing this and realizing this is really what the Lord is after – for us to spend time with Him so we can eat and enjoy Him, day by day, especially in the morning. This is because only by enjoying Him and eating Him does He get His way to become everything to us.

Recently I read a book called The Flesh and The Spirit, by Witness Lee. Chapter 5 is all about eating the Lord Jesus for the growth and building up of the Body. It is just so sweet seeing how practical enjoying the Lord is, especially since it is SO crucial for our Christian life and for the whole Body life. In this chapter, we see that we need to grow. Physically, we grow by eating food to become our nourishment. When we were young, if we did not eat we would not grow and we wouldn’t be healthy beings. Well it is the same for the Christian life. If we don’t eat the proper food, we won’t grow to be healthy Christians. What do we need to eat? We need to eat Jesus!

This is ALL the Lord wants from us. All He wants is for us to be healthy eaters of Him! And the Bible is FILLED with examples on eating. Right after God created man, what did He do? He took care of man’s eating! This is very important. To me it was so surprising because He did not charge Adam to love Eve, and He did not charge Eve to submit to Adam. He did not charge them or give them instructions about how to be good parents. After God created man, God ONLY told him to be careful to eat the right tree. If you eat the right tree, you will have life. If you eat the wrong tree, you will die. This is an amazing fact! What are we eating in this age? Oh Lord Jesus! We need to consider this.

You might ask, “How do we eat the Lord Jesus?” Even though this might sound funny, eating Jesus is the only way to grow in the Lord. The Lord Jesus Christ crushed the flesh and now indwells our spirit! This is so that we can eat Him! We have a “table” within us where we can eat the Lord at any time! Our human spirit is the dining room and also the dining table. Christ is in our spirit always available for us to eat. Our human spirit is the key to the Christian life. So we must learn to touch our spirit, because this is where we feed on the Lord. We are what we eat! So let us eat Christ!!!

So we firstly have to realize that Christ, the heavenly food, is in our spirit. And He is not here to teach and instruct us. He JUST wants us to come and dine. Eventually, we find out what we should do by the One whom we eat. Learn to eat Jesus. Do not try to do anything!!! Do not try to improve yourself. We are not doers; we are eaters. We are not mourners; we are eaters. We are not performers; we are eaters. In every situation, never try to do anything. Whatever transpires, just go to eat Jesus, who is in your spirit. We can turn from the flesh to Jesus in our spirit. He is ALWAYS available for us to enjoy!!! Whatever happens to us, we should not be troubled, bothered, or disappointed. No matter what happens or what your situation is, try to eat Jesus. Learn to eat. My prayer is that the Lord would remind me to go to Him and eat Him daily, in every situation, I would learn to just eat Him! “Lord, make me a eater of You!”

Something further that I never really have seen before is that our eating is not just for ourselves. Even though we eat the Lord so we can grow in the Lord and so the Lord can grow in us, eating is not only just for our benefit but very much for the Body! The Lord has deeply touched me on this matter. Since I barely eat enough of the Lord to supply myself, how can I supply the other members of the Body? Today if we eat Jesus throughout the week, we will have plenty of the riches of Christ to offer to others in the meetings. When we pray or speak something in the meetings, that will be an overflow of the riches we have inwardly enjoyed. This should be our worship in the church meetings. Seeing this, I realized that having morning revival is very crucial, because when we touched the Lord in the morning and eat Him all the day, when we see the saints we can supply them with the Lord we have enjoyed. This is so wonderful! This is so encouraging!

Praise Him! He is our food! He is everything we need. We all have to pray, to look to the Lord, that He would open our eyes that we may see what He really wants and what we really need. We need to eat Him. Hallelujah, eating Jesus is the way!


9 thoughts on “Hallelujah, eating Jesus is the way! Today, we just need to eat and drink and enjoy Christ

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