enjoying the two spirits in Romans – it is our birthright to call, Abba Father!

It is so enjoyable/ encourage to read the ministry of the age that opens up the Bible. Today I enjoyed this little paragraph from The Two Spirits in Romans (chp4, pg. 33):

Romans 8:15 says, ‘You have not received a spirit of slavery bringing you into fear again, but you have received a spirit of sonship in which we cry, Abba Father!’ God does not want us to do anything but live Him. Living Him is like breathing – it is not something that we learn by studying but rather something that we do as a result of being alive… the Spirit within us makes us alive. We breath spiritually by crying, ‘Abba Father!‘ … Just as we breathe automatically because we have a breathing organ, so WE SHOULD SPONTANEOUSLY CRY TO THE FATHER BECAUSE WE HAVE A SPIRIT OF SONSHIP. When we cry, the spirit is activated, and we live by the spirit. This is what God wants us to do…. In the New Testament age there are no regulations but ONLY THE BREATHING, CRYING SPIRIT. When we cry ‘Abba Father’, the spirit may lead us to do something. Then we will live not by the self but by the spirit… the spirit will lead us to live God.

This portion helped me realize that crying ‘Abba Father’ is not only during the last part of  the Lord’s table meeting – this is not a weekly matter. Actually, it’s a daily matter. It is OUR BIRTHRIGHT. After we have been saved, redeemed, washed by the blood, and regenerated by the Spirit, we all have to know and declare the fact that we are the sons of God. And we have to exercise our birthright, our sonship, to cry ‘Abba Father’. This is the way to be led by the Spirit. May we all exercise our birthright daily, and be led by the Spirit in all matters and things in our life! [guest post: sis. Jacquelin]

6 thoughts on “enjoying the two spirits in Romans – it is our birthright to call, Abba Father!

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