maintaining a pleasant spirit and a sweet oneness in the church life through prayer and fellowship

In the church life, in the practical Body life, there are all ages for the Lord’s testimony – young ones, children, young adults, middle aged saints, and older saints. Especially in the world and mainly related to position and ambition, there is much friction between the different generations – but to have dissensions between the younger and the older ones in the church life is absolutely wrong. Rather, as lovers of the Lord and also those loving one another, we need to maintain a sweet oneness and a pleasant spirit among us as we deal with one another. All this requires us to not just “say things/do things” as we wish, but to have much prayer before the Lord both personally and corporately/together. Also, after we pray and as a result of our prayer, we have fellowship with one another, being open to what the Lord says in and through each member.

This is especially more so true when it comes to some suggestions / burdens that are being presented by the responsible saints in fellowship. As those with more experience and as those seeing the needs both locally and more largely in the city / area / country / continent / even in the world, sometimes there is a feeling for migration moving to different localities/parts of the city / countries even, for the Lord’s move. Our reaction and our response is to just go to the Lord and say just like Isaiah “Lord, here I am, send me“, being open to Him to speak to us and direct us. By going to the Lord personally about these matters, we do not offend the Spirit and we don’t usurp the Lord in His position as the Head of the Body. We are all under the Head, and we have a personal contact and a personal relationship with the Head. We don’t do things by ourselves or because we like something / we feel good about something / we decide it. We check with the Head, we stay before the Lord regarding situations, things, moves, the work, little things and big things.

After we have some time with the Lord regarding things, we also have fellowship with one another. We listen to the other members of the Body, appreciating their feeling in the Lord. Prayer and fellowship balance us, they stop us from what we are/we want to do, and they also maintain a sweet fellowship and oneness among us. We must always maintain such a pleasant atmosphere and such a good spirit in the church life. No matter the age, position, race, culture, colour, education, or anything that can differentiate us from one another – we need one another’s fellowship and we need one another’s prayer! We pray and fellowship, we fellowship and pray, and the Lord has a way in us!

11 thoughts on “maintaining a pleasant spirit and a sweet oneness in the church life through prayer and fellowship

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