enjoyment from the “Practice These Things, Be in Them” podcast on ageturners.com

A new podcast – no #18 – at the AgeTurners.com website! It is so encouraging to know that we are here not just to be preserved or kept from what the enemy is doing – but we’re here to multiply, to spread the gospel! Please find below some portions of enjoyment from this last podcast, entitled “Practice these things, be in them“. (read another portion about “Do the Work of an Evangelist“)

We have already been given the way, the definite steps to do the work of an evangelist; our need is simply to practise these things – “Do business, while I am coming.” Furthermore, we must touch the matter of not being passive. We must not be satisfied to just preserve what He has given to us. When we see the Lord, if we just have the Lord’s precious salvation, He will say: “Evil and slothful slave.” Just to have a goal of preservation is not enough. We are not going to make it. We have to do business, and we have to multiply. We need to turn each mina into ten minas, or each mina into five minas. The Lord would be so pleased with us, if we could multiply by ten or by five.

What then should we do?

  1. We have to pray a lot. We have to pray specifically over a list of names, just a few precious names of our friends and relatives on a piece of paper. We must just mention these names to the Lord. That is the first way. It is the way of life, in God’s economy, to do business.
  2. Do the work of an evangelist.” This was Paul’s final word to Timothy. It is also the Lord’s direct and powerful speaking to us. This is how to face the age, and how we are preserved at the end of the age, when everything is lost, and the whole situation is desperate.

What also touched me was this question:

How many thousands of teenagers are swarming around us day by day, living without Christ?

These young people are without hope; they are lost in this age, damaged, defeated, empty, and lonely. Maybe nobody cares. Who is praying for these millions of young people? They are facing an eternity without Christ. Who is mentioning their names? Who is crying out to God on their behalf? Never forget that we are the generation who will see the Lord, it is us who will bring Him back. Us, the young people that live today.

Matthew 9:36 says:

In seeing the crowds, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were harassed and cast away like sheep, not having a shepherd.

This was the Lord’s reaction almost all the time whilst He was on the earth, as it is mentioned in the gospels. The condition of the crowds moved Him; He had pity over the lost condition of the myriads of people. They were skinned by an evil, cruel shepherd (Satan), thrown away, abandoned, set aside. The earth is swarming with these kinds of people. We must have eyes like the Lord and see the crowd that the way that Lord saw it. How do we do this, where do we start? We just have to ask the Lord: Lord, how do I do business? Who do I pray for? How do I do this work? We have to tell the Lord: Lord, teach me and lead me.

Philippians 4:9 says:

The things which you have also learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, practise these things, and the God of peace will be with you.

This is so precious. If we just follow these steps as revealed in the writings of the apostles, and the leading that the Lord is giving us today in the Lord’s recovery, the God of peace will be with us. We will become fruitful, and we will be so useful to the Lord at the end of this age. [guest post: sister Grace. To listen to this podcast, visit www.ageturners.com]


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