an overview of the book of Isaiah – God’s eternal economy as seen in Isaiah

After enjoying the video-training on the book of Isaiah – the Crystallization study of Isaiah(1) – we are now in the Holy Word for Morning Revival on the Crystallization Study of Isaiah, week 1(that is, message 1) entitled: The Vision, the Word, and the Burden that Isaiah Saw concerning Christ as the Centrality and Universality of God’s eternal economy. This morning I enjoyed footnote 1 in Isaiah 1:1 which is a little long and all-inclusive, but nonetheless very enlightening regarding what is Isaiah about. My prayer for this new morning revival book / topic is that the Lord would continue to open our eyes to see His eternal economy in Christ to restore all things and bring in His kingdom, even consummate His New Jerusalem! Lord, may we see what You see in the book of Isaiah!

Here is the footnote on Isaiah 1:1, note 1(at least partially):

Isaiah means the salvation of Jah. The book of Isaiah, in its content concerning God’s eternal economy in Christ, is the leading book among all the books of the prophets. This book is the vision that Isaiah saw(Isa. 1:1), the word that Isaiah saw(2:1), and the burden that Isaiah saw(13:1; 15:1). The vision, word, and burden in Isaiah are concerned with God’s eternal economy in Christ, which is thoroughly covered in this book.

The book of Isaiah unveils that God’s dealing in love with His beloved Israel and His righteous judgement upon the nations bring in Christ, the Savior(Isaiah 43:3′ 49:26), who is God(9:6) incarnated to be a man(7:14), possessing both the divine nature and the human nature(4:2), living on this earth(53:2-3; 42:1-4), crucified(53:7-10a, 12), resurrected(53:10b-11), ascended(52:13), and coming(40:10; 64:1) to meet the need of God’s chosen people and the nations(9:1-7; 49:6) in God’s all-inclusive salvation(12:2-3), that the restoration of all things, of the created yet fallen universe(2:2-5; 11:6-9; 35:1-10; 30:26), may be brought in, which will consummate in the new heaven and new earth for eternity(65:17). Hence, the content of Isaiah covers God’s entire economy of the New Testament, from the incarnation(Matt. 1:18-25) to the new heaven and new earth(Rev. 21-22), with the Old Testament background of God’s dealing with Israel and His judgement upon the nations. According to Isaiah’s prophecy, the Christ who was processed for the divine purposes is the centrality and universality of the great wheel of the move of the Divine Trinity(Ezek. 1:5 and note 1) for the accomplishing of His economy in the divine dispensing of Himself into His elect.

Lord, may we see You in Isaiah! Not just judgements, prophecies, kings, history, or things about the past / present / future of Israel/the nations – but to really see You and Your economy in Isaiah! Open our eyes, Lord, and show us Your Word, Your Vision, and Your Burden in the book of Isaiah!


7 thoughts on “an overview of the book of Isaiah – God’s eternal economy as seen in Isaiah

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  2. Christ is God’s centrality
    And His universality;
    He is God’s delight and joy
    Throughout all eternity.

    All God’s purpose is for Him,
    That He might be all in all;
    All the things in heav’n and earth
    With Himself are made withal.

    All creation is for Christ,
    Everything was made by Him;
    ’Tis by Him all things subsist,
    He’s the hub and He’s the rim.

    In God’s Kingdom He’s the King,
    All the pow’r to Him is giv’n;
    In His glory He shall rule
    Over all in earth and heav’n.

    In new heaven and new earth
    Center of all things He’ll be,
    For the Godhead and for man
    Throughout all eternity.

    God intends in everything
    Christ should have preeminence,
    And that such a Christ of all
    We should now experience.

    By Witness Lee

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