enjoying the Nazarite song – Lord, make us those who meet Your need, the Nazarites!

So many people throughout the ages gave themselves to the Lord for His purpose – made themselves available for what He has on His heart…. History tells us the stories of the martyrs and the missionaries, and there are many more that don’t have their life recorded in any human book, but they are recorded in the book of life – all these are those who are the real Nazarites! A Nazarite is not a “priest” by birth – he is a part of God’s people but “there’s nothing extra special about him” – he just “vows” himself to God to serve God for a period of time. His whole natural ability and strength are being cut off(his hair was shaved), and he was not allowed to drink any strong drinks/wine during the time he was set apart for God(not being drugged with anything of the world, but wholly separated unto God). He set himself aside for God, to serve Him, to be available to Him for His needs. A Nazarite is someone who fully enjoys his birthright in God’s economy – who was recovered by God to the full appreciation and enjoyment of his birthright!

God today is looking for such Nazarites, some who set themselves aside for the Lord and His purpose. I love the song below – Lord, raise us up to meet Your need, the Nazarites! Those who join themselves to Your desire! – it’s not about the amazing things that we can do for God, but that we join ourselves to Him, to meet His need, to allow Him to have a way on the earth – in and through us!

The Nazarite Song

1. In this godless age
Lord, You need some Samuels
Burdened with a vision clear of Your economy
Where’s Your ark today?
And the ones who’d care for You,
E’en to put themselves aside to gain Your heart’s desire?
Raise up some to meet Your need, some Nazarites
Prophets, priests and judges, and men of prayer
Speaking forth Your word, with Your authority
A photo of Your heart for Your move.
2. Train us up today,
Full of vision, seeking You
We’d await Your timing, fully subject to Your will,
Treasuring Your face,
Staying in Your presence, Lord;
E’en the very index of Your eyes would we obey.
Raise up some to meet Your need, some Nazarites,
To bring in Your kingdom on earth today;
Taking You as King that You may return;
To usher in the end of this age.
3. When God wants to move,
He must gain an instrument;
Overcomers separated from the current age.
They have joined themselves
Through His word to His desire.
Overcomers constituted with the holy word
Raise up some to meet Your need, some Nazarites,
Voluntary consecrated ones,
Who through Your word are joined to Your desire;
Your living testimony on the earth.
4. God needs men who pray;
Those who lay the tracks for Him;
God’s economy is carried out through men of prayer.
They love not themselves;
But a willing sacrifice.
What they fear – offending God, losing His presence dear.
Make us those who meet Your need, the Nazarites.
Make us those through whom You’d close this age;
Who are one with You to bring the kingdom in,
Young people absolute for Your move.
Amen, Lord, we want to be those that consummate this age, to bring You back! Make us those through whom You’d close this age! We say: it is enough! Lord, this age has to end, and You have to bring Your kingdom in! Raise us up as those young ones that are not just separated from this age but are also saturated with You and Your heart’s desire! Those constituted with Your holy Word! O, Lord, make us the Nazarites You need to bring You back!

11 thoughts on “enjoying the Nazarite song – Lord, make us those who meet Your need, the Nazarites!

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  2. Do you know where I can get the music for the Nazarite song? Please forward a copy to me if you can get one. Thanks.

  3. Linda: if you search on google for “Raise up some to meet Your need, some Nazarites” – you will find only the guitar chords for it. The ones at hymnal.net don’t have the music sheet yet.
    Keiser: I’ll look for an mp3 of this song – I may have it somewhere, I’ll send it to you by email. It’s a wonderful song for the yp and also for everyone…

  4. Greetings. This YouTube video of the 2006 YP Conference in Poland has the singing from the Nazarite Song’s last stanza:

    We sang the song at our area’s Summer School of Truth in 2007. It’s one of my favorite songs. 🙂

  5. This song in Spanish:

    1. En la era de hoy, necesitas de Samueles.
    Cargados de clara visión
    De Tu economía.
    Tu arca, ¿dónde está?
    Y los Tuyos, ¿dónde están?
    ¿El negarse de ellos
    Y Tu corazón ganar?

    Mira Tu necesidad, los nazareos,
    Profetas, jueces, sacerdotes.
    Que por Ti hablen
    Con toda autoridad,
    Sean una foto de Tu corazón.

    2. Hoy entrénanos,
    A buscarte con visión.
    Esperamos Tu tiempo
    Señor en sumisión.
    Tesoro es Tu faz,
    Permaneciendo en Ti,
    Obedeciendo al menor,
    Guiño de Tus ojos.

    Suple Tu necesidad, los nazareos
    Que traigan Tu reino, a la tierra hoy.
    Te tomen como el Rey,
    Para así verte volver,
    Pongan fin a ésta era, Señor.

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