Exercising Our Spirit in Our Speaking, some enjoyment from podcast #27 at ageturners.com

Did you listen to Podcast #27 on ageturners.com? This particular one is entitled “Exercising Our Spirit in Our Speaking (2)” – When it comes to exercising our spirit in our daily life, one area that we often overlook, or are numb to, is the matter of our speaking, our words. In this podcast Brother Ricky Acosta exposes several more types of speaking that we need to avoid in order for our conscience to be clear and our fellowship with the Lord to be restored.

In this podcast, we learn about the need to exercise our spirit and to be sensitised in our conscience in the area of our speaking. Hallelujah, we have a spirit! God’s economy is a matter of dispensing. He dispenses Himself into us as the Spirit. The key is our spirit. God accomplished two great things. The first is the process of becoming the life giving Spirit. He became a man, went to the cross, died and resurrected to become the Spirit! Second, He created us as a tripartite being: spirit, soul, and spirit, so that we may contain Him. We need to treasure our spirit, which we use to contact, fellowship, sense and receive God. We must exercise our spirit (which has the function of the conscience, fellowship and intuition). We exercise by singing, calling, or praying.

If we do not exercise our spirit, this will affect our contacting of the Lord. It frustrates our dispensing of Triune God. We may be doing all the right things, but with not much effect, sensation or enjoyment. We must take heed to our conscience and obey it so that we have no offenses before God and man.

Speech is a great part of our daily life. Many words that we say may be offending to the Lord and man, which cause our conscience to be bothered. Then when we go to the meetings, and we try to sing, pray, function or call on the Lord, we don’t have any enjoyment. We must first confess our sins to the Lord, and say sorry to man. Maybe there are things on our conscience, an accumulation of sins which we never realized the Lord was bothered by. It is possible for our conscience to be numb because of our environment. It can also be affected by our knowledge. Our conscience may not be sensitive because we have been living a certain way; it may be numbed, “seared.” John 15:22 says:

“If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not have sinned, but now, they have no excuse for their sin.”

In this verse, there is no excuse for not confessing our sins. Our conscience can be enlightened to know what sin is. As soon as there is sin, our conscience is alerted by the word of the Lord.

To lie is to express Satan. We should not be “double tongued.” This is to speak one way in a certain situation, and to speak a second way in another situation. What creature is double-tongued? Snakes are. Snakes represent Satan. To speak with a double tongue is to speak in a satanic nature. We need to come to the Lord and ask Him to cleanse us from these sins. 2 Timothy mentions “gossips.” This is not to tell lies, but is to talk about someone behind their back and is very common and so easy to participate in. We have accumulated so many sins of this nature that when we come to the meeting, we have no enjoyment or flow. Our conscience is the function of our spirit – we must take heed to our spirit by taking heed to our conscience. Ephesians 5:4 says:

“And obscenity and foolish talking or sly filthy jesting, which are not becoming, but rather the giving of thanks.”

Has a curse slipped out of your mouth? This is speaking connected with the devil. When cursing comes, we are releasing the poison of a snake. This displeases the Lord, and we may not realize it because of our environment. What about my conscience? Have I taken care of my spirit in this way? We could be involved in this speaking or joking, and our spirit may become wounded. Laughter may cause us not to have the enjoyment of the Lord. We must enjoy the Lord! To enjoy the Lord, we must exercise our spirit. We must exercise our conscience and give heed to it, that it may be sensitive so that we may enjoy the Lord. We must also pay attention to our spirit. We must have a breakthrough in the exercise of our conscience and in our way of doing things. Otherwise, there will be no life flow. It not only affects us, but it will also affect others in our environment. We must pray: “Oh Lord Jesus, make your home in our hearts a little bit more today.”[guest post: enjoyment from podcast #27 on ageturners.com website by sister Grace]


9 thoughts on “Exercising Our Spirit in Our Speaking, some enjoyment from podcast #27 at ageturners.com

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