The Story of a High School Student – what is the meaning of my life?

When 10:30pm came around, I closed my chemistry book, kicked off my slippers and turned out the light. I leaned back on my pillow and stared up at the ceiling in the quietness of my bedroom. I felt exhausted and as I lay there, I began to consider my life.

My life was like a merry-go-round. I did the same thing every day. I got up at 7:00am, threw on my clothes, wolfed down some food and darted off toward school. Week after week I went to the same classes and hung out with the same friends. My whole life was school, weekends and friends. That’s it. Yet as I lay there alone on my bed, within me there arose… A Silent Question:

What is the meaning of my life?

I was tired of the routine and as I pondered over having to wake up and repeat the same routine again in eight hours, my heart sank. I was dissatisfied and empty.

We Are Created Uniquely for God
You will experience this feeling of emptiness several times during your high school life. It’s a sense that comes up in you when you’re alone, when you’re bored, or sometimes, right when you’re having a “good time.” With this sense is always that silent question, “What’s the meaning of my life?”

The reason you have this emptiness is because God created you in a particular way. He made you in His own image. Genesis 1:26 says – “Then God said, Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.” God created you according to Himself because you were made for Himself. You were made to contain God. You will always feel empty as long as you do not have God. When a glove is created, it is created with a specific purpose. It is not created to contain juice, paper or toothpaste. It’s created to contain a hand. If a glove could speak it would say, “I’m tired of hanging out here in this store. Day after day, I sit here feeling empty. What is the meaning of my life?” Only when that glove receives a hand into it, is its purpose of existence fulfilled. Likewise you were created to contain God. And until God comes into you, you will always have an empty feeling within. God wants to come into you to be your content. He is the purpose of your existence and He is the answer to the silent question within.

It is Simple To Receive God
The way to receive God into you is simple – You simply have to pray. To pray is to talk to God with a believing heart. By praying the following prayer you can receive God into you to be your life and satisfaction. Simply Pray:

Lord Jesus. Lord Jesus. I am a sinner and I need You. Take away my sin and emptiness and come into me to be my content and satisfaction. I receive You right now as my Savior and life.

[Guest post: you can read this note online on facebook via TheGospel OfGod: the story of a high school student.]


7 thoughts on “The Story of a High School Student – what is the meaning of my life?

  1. Hallelujah! The Lord continues to take care of, to call, to satisfy and to be enough for all who calls on His name andd cooperate with Him to become an overcomer.
    Excelente entry. It was crucial to get back to the Lord, being tired from work and re-entered the enjoyment. I remembered my own case several yeasr ago. The same testimony with differente details and shades. But altogether the same: A young student, “completely normal”, having many things, inbvolved in many activities, with friends and “a good life”, suffering inside in his seek for sense, emptiness inside and lack of steady and real motivations.


    Oh, Lord, we love you!
    Thank you Lord ’cause we matter to you!
    Thank you Lord for being so sweet and aware!
    Thank you for caring about us!

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