We do not have to be in haste because we have Christ as a tested stone to be our foundation!

Hallelujah, Christ has been set by God as a foundation stone, a tested stone, for the house of God! This morning we were enjoying the verse in Isaiah 28:16 which says,

… Indeed I lay a stone in Zion as a foundation, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone as a foundation firmly established; he who believes will not hasten away.

Isn’t this so wonderful? Christ is not only our life inwardly – the seed of life that came into us and grows in us – but He is also the stone for God’s building! We come to Him as the Living Stone(1 Pet. 2:4-5) and we are also being made living stones. Christ as a stone comes into us and makes us living stones that grow for God’s building and that are being built up together into a spiritual housethe dwelling place of God in spirit! The more we enjoy Him and grow in Him, the more we become the living stones – transformed with His stone nature – to be built together with the other saints as a spiritual house upon Christ as both the foundation and the cornerstone!

Here we see also that Christ is the foundation stone for God’s building – He is a stone in many aspects. Christ is the topstone(grace to us from God to be the covering of God’s building), the foundation stone(to uphold God’s building), the cornerstone(to join together the Gentile and the Jewish members of His Body), and He is the Living Stone! As the foundation stone, Christ was firmly established for God’s building – for us to enjoy and rely on today. As Christians, we have Christ both as a crown upon our head, as the life within us, and as the rock under our feet. Christ is a tested stone – He has been tested and tried in all His human living on the earth, every day of His life, and He was found with no fault, He had no failure! He is complete, perfect, solid, and strong – fully qualified to be our foundation stone! For the people in the world everything is fading away, and there’s nothing they can rely on; as believers in the Lord, we have Christ as our solid rock of foundation, as the tested stone, who is trustworthy at any time! Christ is the stone who was firmly established for God’s building.

As we trust in the Lord as this tested and trustworthy stone, we will not “hasten away” – we will not hurry in panic as things happen. Anything that happens is arranged by God to work together for our good since we love the Lord – so we just come to Him as the trustworthy stone and we believe in Him! There’s no need for us to be in panic or in a haste to take care of things and solve situations – we can be at peace! While other people hurry up to do things or panic when things happen, we go to Christ as our trustworthy foundation stone and we trust in Him! The only one who panics and quickly reacts to things is actually the devil – and this state of panicking is from him! Lord Jesus, keep us coming to You as the foundation stone to rely on You and trust in You! Thank You we have You, Lord, as the trustworthy stone for God’s building! [enjoyment from the Life-Study of Isaiah and the footnote on 1 Pet. 2:4 + Zech. 4:7, as quoted in the Crystallization-study of Isaiah(1)]


7 thoughts on “We do not have to be in haste because we have Christ as a tested stone to be our foundation!

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