being saved from having little credit before the Lord by spending personal secret hidden time with Him

In the Old Testament we clearly see that although king Hezekiah did a lot of good things for God and even trusted in Him in front of his enemies, he had very little credit with God. When Hezekiah was mortally ill and he cried to the Lord, the Lord’s response was that because of David his forefather and because of the Lord Himself for His people He will heal Hezekiah. Even though Hezekiah was in his early forties, he was about to die – and God extended his life with only 15 years. If God wanted to heal him, why didn’t He extend his life with 30-40 more years? It’s almost as if God did not trust Hezekiah with the fulfillment of His purposeHezekiah had little credit before God. Later we see in his life that king Hezekiah committed two serious mistakes that cause God’s kingdom to be almost fully lost: he brought forth Manasseh(who was 12 when he started to reign, and he was one of the worst kings of Judah – even because of him and his sins, the whole land was cursed!), and he opened up all his riches in front of the Babylonian envoys(thus stirring up their lust; in almost 100 years, the Babylonians came and defeated Judah, and they took all the riches into Babylon).

What really matters is not what we are in the world or even what we think we are, but what we are in the sight of Godhow much value and weight we have in His sight. God knows us – much better than we know ourselves. We need to pray, Lord, make me a weighty, valuable, and precious person in Your sight! Do this for Your kingdom, Lord! Make me a person who builds not with wood, grass, and stubble, but with gold, silver, and precious stones(the Triune God in His person and work)!

No matter how many things we do for the Lord, unless we are those who spend secret, personal, and hidden time with Him, so that we may be known by Him and that we may really know His heart, much of the things we do can be value-less – wood, grass, and stubble. You can have mountains of such worthless things – but they don’t compare to just a little gold, silver, or precious stones. What God wants is not a large quantity of works / good deeds for Him, but He wants quality – a man of preciousness, someone who is valuable and precious in His sight. He is concerned with the quality of our work and the quality of our life with Him / before Him, and not with the quantity of the things we can do for Him. Nothing of our endeavors to do things for God is worth more than spending quality time with the Lord and learning to seek Him in secret. We don’t want to be just godly men but God-men, those who are filled with God and overflow with God! Our work then will be the outflow of the bubbling divine life within! May the Lord purify our seeking, so that we would seek only Him and be precious in His sight!

God seeks such men who are precious in His sight, some who can be entrusted with the carrying out of His eternal purpose! He wants some who will bring Him back – some who are absolute for Him, who are trustworthy before Him, some that can be entrusted with the carrying out of His purpose! The best way for us to become such people is to give ourselves to spend time with Him in secret. Spend hidden time with the Lord, where you seek Him and you enjoy Him. Send down deep roots into the Triune God in Christ as the rich soil into whom we were planted – send deep roots, millions of small transactions with the Lord all throughout the day, where you absorb Him and take Him in, so that He would be constituted into your being. This intimate time with the Lord will open your whole being to be known by Him, and the Lord will make His home in your heart by you spending time with Him only…. He as the Precious One is being infused into us to make us men of preciousness, even preciousness itself! These are the ones that He will return to rapture / steal before His open return!

Lord, we want to be those who contact You in everything, those who are spending time with You to know You and to be known by You! May we be those that are valuable in Your sight, Lord! Save us from losing credit with You – rather, may we be the trustworthy ones for the carrying out of Your purpose! Lord, make us those who are precious in Your sight, those who are valuable and have credit with You! Lord, make us those who bring You back – those who are so attractive and precious to You that YOU HAVE to come and rapture them! Draw us to spend time with You in secret, Lord…


13 thoughts on “being saved from having little credit before the Lord by spending personal secret hidden time with Him

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  3. here’s a song based on this portion (tune: Our Hearts Are Overflowing/1098 –

    May we be ones who’re valuable
    And weighty in God’s eyes;
    Lord, save us from any
    Self-interest, self-seeking –

    We want to be those who are
    So precious in Your sight.
    More time with You, Precious One,
    Be “Men of Preciousness”!

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