college-age conference testimony – we can cooperate with the Lord for Him to get His building

During the past College-age conference in Bower House I really enjoyed the fact that God’s building is the desire of God’s heart and the goal of God’s Salvation. God wants to have His building and He needs our cooperation as His people. We need to go through an entire journey in order to become the dwelling place of God. The entire world is against God’s building, and God’s building is opposed to the world. We need to realize that the Lord needs our cooperation in order to build His building – if God’s people are willing to be rescued from the world unto God, God can work out His purpose to have a dwelling place! This is the journey that we have to take in our lives – a journey that starts in Exodus and ends with the building of God in Revelation. This is our Christian race, and we are going to have many experiences until we become the building of God – until we are one with God.

God was the first One to take this journey. He passed through an entire process in order to be accessible to us – now He is the life-giving Spirit. We couldn’t reach God, but God reached us, and now He is accessible and available to us so that He may give us the strength to accomplish this journey. Now He is our source – we need to realize that our source is not on the earth but our source is in the heavens. Every day we need to drink the milk of the Word of God as newborn babes and every day we need to eat Christ. If we eat and drink Him, we will be able to continue on this journey. Don’t stop eating! If we don’t eat Christ, we will not have the strength to continue on this journey! This is why it is important that each day we go to our heavenly source. We have a goal, and this goal is the God’s goal – if we want to arrive at this goal we need to continue to eat and drink Christ day by day. There are no shortcuts in the Christian life – we need to pass through the transformation process.

During the conference we also had a good speaking related to the campus work. Each of us students need to realize that we are in a certain university because God wants to have His testimony in that university. Many times the enemy tries to distract us and tries to turn us away from the real purpose of God in our universities. The time that we are going to be in the universities is limited so we have to learn to redeem our time there! God never forces us to do something, so we have to ask ourselves: am I willing to be for God’s purpose? Am I available for accomplishing of God’s Economy? Am I available in my heart? Why am I in this university? We need to realize that we are here for God’s testimony. All we are, all we have, all we do – it is all is for the Lord, for God’s purpose(Psa. 110:3). We are here because God wants a building and God needs our cooperation. [sharing by brother Eduardo from the recent college age conference in London, UK]


8 thoughts on “college-age conference testimony – we can cooperate with the Lord for Him to get His building

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