God needs us not to do great works for Him, but rather He needs us to eat Him and to drink Him

God desires that we would just enjoy Him! We see this clearly in the picture presented at both ends of the Bible: in the beginning, in Genesis, we see a man before the tree of life, and there’s a river that waters all the garden and reaches out to the whole earth! At the end of the Bible we see that the throne of God is set up and from the throne flows a river of water of life and on both sides of the river grows the tree of life. Hallelujah, God wants to be our life supply – our food and our drink! Also, as we saw previously, all we need to do is to enthrone Him in our being in all things, there is a river of living water flowing within us! The continuation of those verses in Rev. 22:1-2, where the Lord shows us a river of water of life, bright as crystal… is,

And His slaves will serve Him; and they will see His face, and His name will be on their foreheads(Rev. 22:3-4).

It is now getting clearer and clearer that our real service rendered to God is our drinking of the water of life and our eating of the tree of life! As the river flows and we drink, and as the tree grows and we eat, we are those who serve God in the place where He flows and He grows! Also, we not just serve Him: we see His face! How do we see God’s face? His face is in the water of life and in the tree of life! When we drink the water of life, we see His face! When we eat the fruit of the tree of life, we receive His face! Wow – this is so real and so true! When we drink Christ as the life-giving Spirit, we see His face…. and when we eat Him as the tree of life, we receive His face into us, thus being transformed metabolically within and being conformed to His image without! And this is our real service to Godour drinking and our eating of Him! He doesn’t want us to do many things for Him – He can do everything, and He can take care of everything. The only thing God can’t do is “eat Himself” or “drink Himself” – He wants us to stop our doing and just eat Him and drink Him! God wants us to enjoy Him! We serve Him by eating and drinking Him!

God depends on / needs us to eat and drink of Him! Many believers want to do great things for the Lord, like going in a foreign country as a missionary, or doing a great gospel work for God… even though such things are good and many of them may be needed, what God needs the most is some people who would eat Him and would drink Him! He wants us to just enjoy Him! He even NEEDS us to enjoy Him! He needs many eaters and drinkers! Out of this eating and drinking, with this divine supply within, you may do something for the Lord, but it comes from Him as the source, it is being done by Him as the One living in you, and it is unto Him who does the work and not unto you! So God depends on our eating and drinking of Him! And we depend on God coming in and filling us as we enjoy Him! What a mutual organic sweet dependence!

This is our Christian life and our church life – eating, drinking, breathing Jesus all the time! This is our experience today, and this will be consummated as the New Jerusalem in eternity! We can all experience the New Jerusalem today by simply telling the Lord,

Lord, I receive You as my Head and I take Your headship, lordship, and authority. Lord, I enthrone You in my heart. I put You on Your throne. I want to stop everything else, Lord, and just enthrone You!

Once we put the Lord on His throne in our life and in our heart, immediately there’s the living water flowing and the tree of life growing – and we just drink and eat the Lord! Hallelujah, our Christian life is a life of eating and drinking Christ! [enjoyment from the book called, God’s New Testament Economy, by brother Witness Lee]


13 thoughts on “God needs us not to do great works for Him, but rather He needs us to eat Him and to drink Him

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