the fellowship of life is simply the continual flowing of the divine life within us

Hallelujah, as believers in Christ, we are regenerated with the divine life! This morning I was encouraged to see that once we receive this divine life, we not only become sons of God / God-men, but we also have this life flowing in us! The divine life is a flowing life, a life that has “fellowship”, that flows from the Triune God into us! When we received the Lord out of the hearing of faith, by hearing the gospel, we were “plugged into” the flow of life. I love it the way the Apostle John describes this in 1 John 1:2-3,

(and the life was manifested and we have seen and testify and report to you the eternal life, which was with the Father and was manifested to us); that which we have seen and heard we report also to you that you also may have fellowship with us, and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.

What the apostles(the first believers discipled by the Lord) have seen – the Lord Jesus, His living, His being, His process, His death and resurrection, etc, everything that they have seen – they also report to us. This is the gospel: reporting to others of the things seen by us when we fellowship with the Lord! As we received the gospel and this reporting, we have fellowship with the apostles / the ones speaking to us! We receive the divine life, and we enter into a fellowship – and this fellowship is not only the fellowship with the apostles, but it is also the fellowship with the Triune God, with the Father and with the Son! The divine life we receive enables us to have the fellowship of life. The fellowship of life therefore comes from the divine life we receive by regeneration, and the divine life is the source of the fellowship of life.

Also, the life of God rests in the Holy Spirit of God, and it is through the Holy Spirit of God that the life of God enters into us and lives in us! Therefore, the fellowship that is brought to us by the life of God comes by means of the Holy Spirit of God – and the Bible also calls it “the fellowship of the Holy Spirit”(2 Cor. 13:14). Only when we are living in the Holy Spirit and walking / having our being by minding the Holy Spirit can we enjoy the fellowship of the life of God in a practical way. When we exercise our spirit – which is joined to the Holy Spirit as one spirit(1 Cor. 6:17) – we enjoy the fellowship of the divine life in us, and we’re in this flow of life! This fellowship of the divine life is just like the electricity – it is not “the whole divine life” or just “part of the divine life” – it is the FLOWING of the divine life! Just like the same electricity in the power plant is also in the electrical devices / the light bulbs, so the same divine fellowship that is in the Triune God also is flowing in us! Just like the flow of the blood in a particular member – it is not “the entire blood” that is in one member, neither is it “a local blood” – no, it is the flow of blood, the circulation of blood!

When we see this, we will have a revelation of what we have and what we are – when we received the divine life, we received the life of God that flowed from God into thousands of believers and now flows in us! This flowing life is from God, it passes through God, and it also passes through thousands of saints, including us! This flow of life causes us to have fellowship with God and fellowship with thousands of saints – it is the same divine life flowing from God, through God, and through all of the saints! What a marvelous divine life we have received! This life enables us to be one and to have real fellowship in spirit with any other believer! The life of God within us brings a flow of life, and thus we have the fellowship of life, which enables us to have fellowship / be in touch with God and with the saints! All we need to do is to make sure “we’re connected” to the divine life by continually walking and living by following and yielding to the divine life in us. When we mind the spirit and we turn from our mind and anything else to our mingled spirit, we have the fellowship of life! We just need to take heed to the sense of life and peace within, to the sense of the divine life – just obey the inner sense. This living and flowing divine life in us speaks to us, has an inner sense, and requires us to listen to it and obey it! When we enjoy the Lord and we just listen to the sense of life within, we have the fellowship of life, the sweet flow of the divine life! [enjoyment from The Knowledge of Life, by bro. W. Lee]

Lord, thank You for the divine life! Thank You for flowing to us, reaching us, and now You’re flowing in us! O, Lord, how we treasure the sweet flow of life! We want to listen to the sense of life within, pay attention to Your inward speaking! Lord, flow in us continually! May there be no hindrance, no separation, and on insulation in our fellowship!

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