12 Organic Practices for An Overcoming Living – via LivingToHim.com

Organic Practices for An Overcoming Living I’m not sure if you heard about this website – LivingToHim.com – especially designed for the Young Adults that are burdened for the Lord and His recovery. Especially in the recent weeks, they have been posting very good articles that help us all to pursue the Lord, grow in life, and not be passive when it comes to the Lord’s interest and the church life. I was especially encouraged by the article below that introduces twelve organic practices for a vital and overcoming living. You can read the entire article online via Organic Practices for an Overcoming Living, and we also posted it below for your enjoyment.

Several years ago, in a time of fellowship with a group of young adults, Brother Benson Philips presented these 12 organic practices for an overcoming living:

  1. Having a scheduled living including the following:
  2. Consecrating daily, even hourly,
  3. Having morning revival daily, that is, being revived every day,
  4. Reading the Word daily—at least one chapter, including the footnotes,
  5. Reading the ministry daily—three to five pages or one message,
  6. Praying daily and calling on the name of the Lord continually,
  7. Joining a companion or companions (one or two) in prayer—two or three times a week,
  8. Attending the district meetings of the church weekly—Lord’s Day table and prophesying meetings and weekly corporate prayer meetings of the church and functioning periodically in the meetings by speaking or praying,
  9. Joining or beginning a group meeting and attending weekly,
  10. Visiting other saints or inviting them into your home twice each month for shepherding through exercising all-inclusive tender care upon them by cherishing and nourishing them,
  11. Preaching the gospel by visiting people—colleagues, friends, relatives, classmates, neighbors, ones in roads and hedges (the Gentile world), or knocking on doors randomly—twice each month, and passing out gospel tracts with all diligence,
  12. Sanctifying our finances.

Over the next several weeks, we will devote this section of the website (Our Pursuit / Organic Practices) to these 12 life practices. Our goal is to dedicate at least one post to each of the 12 items on the list. [Up until now, there are several very good portions regarding,  An Education for the Spread of the Lord’s RecoveryThe Goal of God’s EconomyMigration and Our Standard of LivingReading through the Life-Studies, etc].

[What should our response be to what is being presented to us? The best response is to pray over these matters – not just to agree with them, but pray them back to the Lord. Pray that He would do it in us, and for a better cooperation with Him in all these matters! The truth is that we all need to be living functioning vital members in the Body – but if we “try to do it”, struggling and pushing, it will not work!]

Lord, strengthen our cooperation with You in all these matters! Lord, a scheduled living! Lord, a fresh consecration to You every day! Lord, being revived every day! Amen, Lord, reading the Word and the ministry daily! O, Lord, praying and calling on Your name – every day! And amen, Lord, companions and vital groups! Lord, for the church and in the church every week, whenever the church meets! O, Lord, belonging to a group meeting! Lord, shepherding the saints regularly! Amen, Lord, preaching the gospel for Your increase! And, Lord, what about our finances!


12 thoughts on “12 Organic Practices for An Overcoming Living – via LivingToHim.com

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  2. i love this church life teaching it makes me feel born again again ! amen
    calling on the name of the lord works all the time and is bringing gods presence into my life.
    amen halleluhia !

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