to the only wise God through Jesus Christ – to Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen!

The book of Romans ends in a glorious way – with the verse in Rom. 16:27, which says,

To the only wise God through Jesus Christ, to Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

Wow, what a conclusion! Though the book of Romans gives a general discussion on the Christian life, the conclusion of the book gives glory to the wise God! The book starts with humanity under sin and under law, being unable to fulfill God’s demands and even powerless and unwilling to conquer sin. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God(Rom. 3:23). It goes on to show us it is impossible to fulfill the law, though we agree with it – in our flesh nothing good dwells(Rom. 7:18). But then the Lord comes in, saves us, puts His Spirit in us, and works in us to accomplish His organic salvation. He saves us from within, by the law of the Spirit of life(Rom. 8:2), He transforms us(Rom. 12:2), He sanctifies us, and eventually He will glorify us! What a wonderful situation we are in now – in the process of being sanctified, transformed, and conformed to the image of God’s Firstborn Son(Rom. 8:29)!

Even more, at the end of the book of Romans we see that Paul talks about the Body life, the church life – by greeting all the saints in Romans 16, Paul shows that he had a considerable amount of of knowledge, understanding, and care with regard to every one of the saints. He greets them personally by name, then he greets houses by name, then churches – he promotes the blending of the Body of Christ! And then, after he greets the saints, he says, Now the God of peace will crush Satan under our feet shortly(Rom. 16:20) – which shows that it is by the churches’ fellowship in the Body, through the blending in the Body of Christ of all the saints and the churches, that the God of peace will crush Satan under our feet, and we will be able to enjoy the rich grace of Christ! This is why today we need to have the reality of the fellowship and blending of the Body of Christ – otherwise, no matter how pure, humble, or simple we are, we will have problems and divisions sooner or later. Hence, we need to be governed by the vision of the Body and follow in the footsteps of the apostle by bringing all the saints in all the churches into the blending life of the entire Body of Christ. This is to reign in life, and by such reigning we give glory to God – this glory will eventually be the New Jerusalem, the universal incorporation of the union and mingling of divinity with humanity, in which God will be completely glorified and His economy will be fully accomplished!

Glory to the wise God! God in His wisdom planned and purposed that He, the immeasurably rich Triune God, may be glorified in us – that His incomparable glory may be completely and fully expressed through us! We were sinners and unable to fulfill anything of what God desires – but in His wisdom, God is working His divine Trinity into the three parts of our redeemed being(our spirit, our soul, and our body) that in His redemption, sanctification, and transformation we may have a full union in the divine life with Him that His desire for the mingling of divinity and humanity may be fulfilled in eternity! God is working Himself into us and He is making us one with Him, He even makes us Him; the consummation is the Body of Christ expressed in the practical church life, where we are blended and built together, and the God of peace crushes Satan under our feet! This is worthy of our unceasing singing and praise for eternity! May all of us who have been chosen and perfected by Him experience His organic salvation in full and reign in His life to be His consummate expression in eternity! [enjoyment from, The Experience of God’s Organic Salvation Equaling Reigning in Christ’s Life, by Witness Lee]

Lord, go on in Your organic salvation in us! Save us more in Your life today! Gain Your glory, Lord, by working Yourself in Your Divine Trinity into every part of our being! Make us more one with You, Lord! One in life, nature, and expression – so that You may be expressed and glorified through us! Gain Your glory! You are such a wise God – we love You! Thank You for such a destiny – forever one with You, enjoying You and expressing You! What a Wise God! Praise You!


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