the Crystallization-Study of Isaiah(2) – the 2010 Winter Training Banners

In December 2010 there was the Winter Training(one of the seven annual feasts) – and so here are the banners for the second part of the training on the Crystallization-Study of Isaiah. To find out more updates and enjoyment from the Crystallization-Study of Isaiah, read the articles tagged with: ,, etc. Soon, as the saints get into the video training, we will all start sharing more about our enjoyment / the main points in these messages…

2010 Winter Training Banners – the Crystallization Study of Isaiah(2)

All human beings need the incomparable God, the coming Christ, the glory of Jehovah as the center of the gospel for the new creation, the living and abiding word of God for regeneration to have eternal life, and the manifestation of the Lord Jehovah, the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We must deal with our flesh by the Spirit of life, give up the world and turn to God by the love of the Father, defeat Satan through the word of the Son, and pass through death to die to the self by the power of resurrection for the Body of Christ.

All who are in Christ and who are one with Christ to release God’s people and to build up God’s house and His kingdom are servants of Jehovah a great corporate Christ, the same as the individual Christ in being the servant of God.

God wants us to learn one lesson-to stop our doing, taking Christ as our replacement, and to keep away from the taste of anything other than Christ.

The Lord Jehovah desires to have as His dwelling place a group of people into whom He can enter-the church as a house of prayer and the house of His beauty, where the glory of God will be seen.

The believers’ enjoyment and proclaiming of Christ as the jubilee of God’s grace will issue in the full enjoyment of Christ as the jubilee in the millennium and in the fullest enjoyment of Christ in the New Jerusalem in the new heaven and the new earth.

You can also become a fan of the Crystallization-Study of Isaiah Facebook page – share with the other saints what you enjoyed the most from either the video training or the daily morning revival and enjoyment… what a privilege to be under the up-to-date speaking of the Lord today and also share with others! Read the banners for the Crystallization-Study of Isaiah(1) – the first part of the training.


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