students testimony – visiting Europe, bring the Lord to our friends, and the gospel!

Here and there, once in a while some saints / students come and visit us in Europe – though we never met them, or maybe we heard of them through other saints, there’s such a sweet fellowship and blending when they come! We are one in the same divine life in us, and we can enjoy the Lord together! What binds us and makes us one is nothing outwardly, but something inward – the wonderful Living Person of Jesus Christ! Below is brother Wei Ting’s testimony of his trip to the UK in December 2010.

I’ve been always wondering what God truly desires and appreciates. We heard so many times that God’s desire for us is to enjoy Him. But the access to enjoy Him however is sometimes, at least for me, a little unreachable.

One day while I was in the USA I found online some cheap tickets to the UK, one of the most historical European countries, and I got really excited that I finally had a chance to visit Europe. I have been dreaming of traveling around Europe for quite a while and that day the dream seemed realistic. I wanted to book the tickets and so I contacted some friends in the UK. Unfortunately, people always become anxious when things come true, and so are my friends. They began to say that they would be busy with their study and tests, and some said they would probably be out of the country and visiting other European countries such as Spain and Italy. It really turned me down when I felt I was not welcomed. I started to pray to the Lord and that night the Lord told me that I could visit the saints there. I finally decided to book the tickets because of that thought even though I wasn’t quite sure it was 100% out of the will of the Lord. But anyways I started to count the days till the day I eventually got on the plan to UK.

Birmingham was the first place I visited, where there was a friend from my high school. We used to be very close friends and hang out a lot with a couple of other friends from my hometown. This friend invited me to their department’s party the night I stayed in Birmingham. Dancing and alcohol were the topics without any doubts. I stood in a conner watching people having fun. Their every move was like a mirror reflecting the life I used to enjoy much. What I noticed was lonely people, incomplete souls. However, what most convicted me, instead of my being there, was that I didn’t have the courage to speak Christ to them. We have prayed so much concerning bringing Christ to our friends, but we actually seldom put it into practice. I didn’t realize this why until I read somewhere that “the reason why you dare not speak God to your friends is you never speak your friends to God“.

Our Lord always waits. He waits until you come to Him with a repenting heart, praying to wash and cleanse you so that we may turn to Him and enjoy Him ever more. The Lord gave me another chance when I continued my trip to Durham, a small town near Newcastle. Speaking of Newcastle, I actually have a friend going to school there from whom I didn’t get any reply. Anyway I felt like I was treated as some special person because of my belief when others get none. They asked me how a Christian’s living is like and what we could/not do according to the Bible. To my surprise I didn’t want to explain much to them. My heart was telling me to speak but my mouth just zipped up tightly. Oh Lord, help me bring my friends to You so that You may make us a channel to usher You into them!

I went on to York, Leeds, and then to Cambridge. You never know what the Lord has prepared for you until you finally get there and take a look at that, realizing how amazing He is! I met brother Ben, who is also originally from China, and brother Bob, who is originally from the US, where I’m studying at the moment. There is a certain group of people who consecrate themselves to the Lord for His will and His move on the earth. They give up their jobs and everything they have in their country and even go abroad – only because of the Lord’s calling. Brother Bob is one of them. My question to him right before I left for London was why he would come to Cambridge two years ago. His answer was very touching – He moved to Cambridge, UK, because of his deep love for the Lord, a love that deeply rooted in his heart!

Isn’t it amazing that someone you have never met before would open up their houses for you to stay over and provide you with food and anything you need? If there were no God, can someone tell me what this is please? I went to Atlanta and Athens in Georgia, US, and I stayed with the brothers there. We played sports and ate together, had some meetings and stayed over in the same house. We went to Washington D.C, Virginia, New York and Philadelphia, there were saints there who cooked dinner for us and asked us to help ourselves and just to feel as in our own houses.

My first memory of London would forever stay in the small brothers house there. We eat and drink of Him, we were born of the same Father and we have the same life. We are now all living to Him for one goal which is Himself other than anything else. Praise the Lord that we are now the brothers of the Firstborn. We are now seated with Christ by God, walking in Him, and standing to fight against the enemies for the land that used to belong to the Lord.

God, with Whom your journey would never be pointless and tiring, has a heart’s desire which includes us. He is rich in all things and has given us an all-inclusive gift for us to enjoy Him – He has given Christ to us! And this Christ, who now is the life-giving Spirit, is also the way. May all the saints be constituted with Christ for the building up of the Body of Christ.


5 thoughts on “students testimony – visiting Europe, bring the Lord to our friends, and the gospel!

  1. Amen. Our Lord always waits. He waits until you come to Him with a repenting heart, praying to wash and cleanse you so that we may turn to Him and enjoy Him ever more:)
    We are now all living to Him for one goal which is Himself other than anything else. Praise the Lord!

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