we continue to pray and stand with the Lord and the saints for GTCA, reports

Hallelujah, our God is a moving God! He is moving in many ways, in many ages, and through many people – and His move today has reached us! He flowed from eternity into time, reaching out to man and filling man… and now we are the ones who can cooperate with Him for His continual move on the earth! He really wants to gain men – that men would know Him and even come to the full knowledge of the truth! Recently we were reminding the saints about the current burden in the Body of Christ: GTCA (gospelize, truthize, and churchize America). Of course, all the details are online at GTCA.us – and we all, though we may not be able to go, can PRAY and stand with the Lord and with the saints in the Body for GTCA! We pray especially these weeks when the saints are going out to visit and distribute the literature + speak the gospel + have some meetings with the local seeking ones… and we also pray for the proper follow-up, some with a burden to continue to shepherd and to continue to visit…

Also, there’s a whole section of reports there – not sure if you already read them – and here are some of the last ones (we copy here part of these reports – you can read the rest online together with pictures, tags and details where these things take place, etc):

  • Second seminar and first Lord’s table in Manhattan, Kansas
    Hallelujah! Jesus is Lord in Manhattan, Kansas! On Saturday we held our second seminar on the key to experiencing Christ, the human spirit. About 10 new people attended and found their human spirit! After the seminar, there was a blending time with the college students from the University of Oklahoma. It was a sweet time of singing and enjoyment.
  • Positive appointments and visitations in Chapel Hill, North Carolina
    Today we were able to revisit six people and hand-deliver nine sets of Bibles and books.  One person who is a member of the largest Christian group on campus was so impressed with the Recovery Version that he suggested we present the Bible to the entire group during their Thursday night meeting! We will give him some Bible-offer brochures to pass out…
  • Reaping what has been sown in San Luis Obispo, California
    Hallelujah for another week in San Luis Obispo, California. After a glorious weekend of door-knocking with the saints and a glorious Lord’s table meeting, we have begun a new week of normal days under the divine dispensing. It was an extra boost of encouragement and enlivening of the full-timers (saints participating in the Sowing Trip for 1 to 2 weeks) to have all of the local saints with us this past weekend. It brought new life into the labor and encouraged us to press on….
  • Many desiring further contact in Guelph, Ontario, Canada
    We had several appointments on campus during the day, and also spent time preaching the gospel on the campus. We held a gospel meeting/Bible seminar in the evening at a community center. The local Guelph saints invited some of their colleagues and friends…
  • Specific burdens from the team in San Marcos, California
    As we begin the second week of the Sowing Trip, specific burdens are emerging. We seek the Lord’s leading to prioritize our care of the ones who are really interested. We also look to Him to supply saints to persevere with contact once the sowing advances into the farming stage.

Read these reports and many other details via the GTCA.us website – a great online realm to connect, pray, find out burdens for prayers, and be up-to-date with what the Lord is doing today…. About the same burden, you can read 8 Points of Prayer from Special Prayer Time, Jan 17-18,  It Is Possible By Being Grouped Together, and Contacting the Lord in a Definite and Prevailing Way! via LivingToHim.  So encouraging to see that the Lord has His seekers everywhere. So refreshing to hear that He is moving in man and through man. So good to be one with Him in what He is doing today!

Do it, Lord! Gain us more to pray in oneness with You for what You are doing today! Gain man as stepping stones for Your move! May the gospel of the kingdom be preached to the whole inhabited earth! Bless the visiting of the saints and bless every BFA card left / given! Gain Your seeking ones more, Lord! Gain local expressions of Your Body in purity everywhere on the earth! Bless America and Canada with many church life trees – many who express You corporately to the universe, standing on the ground of oneness! Lord, have Your way!


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