spending time in the Word of God to be constituted with God and speak for God(sharing from the conference in Portugal)

The conference in Porto, Portugal, last weekend was a timely word, a recalibration, a wonderful precious reminder. Reminder of what? In short of this: We have a speaking God; and we cannot but speak what we have seen and heard.

Did you know? God is so real, but God Himself dwells in unapproachable light. He is invisible. He is infinite. He is eternal. He is undefinable. God just is. However, it is in and through the Word that He is defined, expressed and explained. It was through the Word that He created all things. Throughout the ages, God has been speaking – in the prophets, etc – in the Old Testament times, and in the Son in the New Testament times. Today He is still speaking. As His expression, expansion and representation, we also should be a speaking people, speaking out all the riches of Him who has brought us out of the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.

Well, when we speak, we speak encouragement, life, light, to all men. We announce Jesus as the gospel. We hasten the Lord’s return. We are normal functioning members of the Body of Christ, but most importantly – when we speak, we overcome! That’s right, speaking Christians are normal Christians, and overcomers are simply normal Christians. So, why is that we so often are mute? We can waste away hours jibber-jabbering to half the world, but when there is the opportunity to speak words of life, to minister Christ to someone, we remain silent? Why is it that we have plenty to say about politics, books, movies, about the latest and greatest Apple product, about the newest fad, about fashion – you just name it and we have an opinion? But when we come to the meeting our mind draws a blank and there is that bothersome gap in the meeting because we can’t get ourselves to stand up…

Oh Lord! I must confess to you that I was beyond convicted. Like a chicken, I wanted to leave the meeting and go pretend to use the bathroom rather than continue listening. But, the Lord had me glued to my seat, as He spoke directly to me the following words: “You are dumb and mute because you do not listen. You have lost the enjoyment of reading My word.”

Saints, what a recalibration. What a precious reminder. We speak because He speaks. And today, His speaking is in the Word of God. It is in the Bible. When we delve into the riches in His word and let the word dwell in us richly(Col. 3:16) we ourselves are nourished, fed, supplied. We hear the Lord’s words to us, and through our hearing we have words with which to nourish, feed, and supply others.

This is not a light and easy matter. In fact, it is an exercise. It is a daily, life long matter. It is a matter of the constitution of our inner being. What are we constituted with? The children of Israel, while wandering in the wilderness longed for the garlic, the leeks and the onions of Egypt because they were their constitution. Their words of murmuring and longing for them revealed with what they were constituted, for out of the heart the mouth speaks. Our speaking is based on what we desire; and we desire those things with which we are constituted.

Well, I wasn’t just convicted but I also was exhorted: “Be reconstituted!” Even more, I need to actively be reconstituted. How? By being in the Word of God. This of course makes us think, Easier said then done! – but Praise the Lord He not only makes demands upon us, but He Himself gives us the way to fulfill all His demands. In this case, with a companion. Beginning Monday, a fellow heir of grace and I began a little friendly… “competition” that has renewed our love for memorizing the word of God. In just a matter of a few days we have memorized chapter 3 and part of 4 of Ephesians. And just WOW – I have already experienced the outflow! I went to bed last night memorizing a few verses, and this morning I awoke with the Lord’s fresh, sweet speaking. [sharing by sister Maria C. from the recent conference in Portugal concerning – Speaking the Word of God]

Oh Lord. I cannot but Praise and Thank Him for His mercy and compassion. Thank You, Lord! Thank You, that You are faithful to draw us back. You are faithful to rekindle the love within us for Your word. Oh Lord Jesus, Thank You for renewing our appetite for Your word. Lord, continue reconstituting us until we are people fully in life and of life who speak only words of life.


11 thoughts on “spending time in the Word of God to be constituted with God and speak for God(sharing from the conference in Portugal)

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