seeing more concerning Christ in His crucifixion, His all-inclusive death on the cross!

Praise the Lord for God’s move in Christ the stage of crucifixion! The Bible unveils so many wonderful things that Christ has accomplished through His death on the cross! I was specifically impressed with Isaiah’s prophecy in Isa. 53:4-5 regarding Christ – so detailed, so precise, and so true! Everything that Isaiah prophesied concerning Christ as the Messiah was fulfilled by the Lord Jesus more than 600 years later when God was incarnated as a man! Here are some of the major things we can see regarding the purpose of God’s move in Christ in the stage of crucifixion(as revealed in this particular portion in Isaiah):

  • Surely He has borne our sicknesses – Christ bore our sicknesses; also, in the book of Acts it says, He has borne our infirmities;
  • and carried our sorrows – Christ carried our sorrows; in Matt. 8:17, He carried our diseases;
  • yet we ourselves esteemed Him stricken – Christ was abused by the people, either during His life or at the crucifixion; He was hit and wounded, scourged, flawed, whipped – He was dealt with by the hand of man; Christ was stricken by man;
  • smitten of God and afflicted – smitten of God – had nothing to do with the persecution of man; rather, Christ was dealt with by the hand of God; to be afflicted – to be under much distress with bodily pain — this is what the Lord Jesus was carrying out His being crucified / bearing our sins;
  • He was wounded because of our transgressions – He was Wounded – He was nailed to the cross, the spear pierced His side when He was on the cross, and He had a crown of thorns on His head; He began to suffer at the time He was tried and brought forth before the High Priest;
  • He was crushed because of our iniquities – He was dealt with under the hand of the Mighty God, and God Himself crushed Him;
  • the chastening for our peace was upon Him – He was chastised that we might enter into peace with God; He paid the highest price so that we – the enemies of God – would be brought back to God in peace, so that we would be reconciled to God!
  • by His stripes we have been healed – He bore the pain and we are now tasting the healing from Him!

O Lord Jesus! Christ not only lived a lowly and sorrowful human life, and He not only had NOTHING in His environment that would help and support Him – but He also died the death of the cross – for the accomplishment of God’s economy! Christ died an all-inclusive death on the cross:

  • Christ died a vicarious death – Christ was our substitute, He died in our place, and we died in Him and with Him. He bore our sicknesses and our sorrows in His vicarious death. All the punishment that should have fallen on us sinners fell upon Him – He drank to the full the cup of God’s wrath upon sinful people ON OUR BEHALF!
  • Christ died a redeeming death – due to Adam’s fall we were lost from God, and so Christ paid the highest price to repossess us, to obtain us righteously back to God at a cost! Christ suffered to the uttermost to re-possess us and bring us back to God!
  • Through His death we have been reconciled back to God! Though we were enemies with God because of our sin, we are now reconciled back to God and we have peace with God!
  • Through Christ’s death we have been healed – healing is applied to our body, soul, and spirit whenever we apply and enter into the death of Christ! He died so that we may be healed!
  • Christ’s death was a life-releasing death – the shell of His humanity was broken(John 12:24) and His divine life was released! We not only were redeemed and brought back to God – we were also regenerated and we received the divine life! In this life we are now sons of God, God-men!

Hallelujah for Christ’s death! The above points are just a little concerning what He accomplished in His death – there is so much more! His death was all-inclusive, and His death was one of the most amazing events that every happened! Now because of His death we were brought into a life-union with God! We have His Spirit dwelling in our spirit and mingling us with Himself as one spirit(1 Cor. 6:17) and we can enjoy all the riches of the Triune God today! Praise the Lord! [sharing inspired from message 6 in the Crystallization-Study of Isaiah(2), and the Life-Study of Isaiah msg. 27]

Lord, bring us into a deeper appreciation of Your all-inclusive death on the cross! Thank You Lord for dying on our behalf! Thank You for Your vicarious death! We praise You for Your redeeming death – You brought us back to God! Thank You now we have peace with God through the death of His Son! Lord Jesus, we love You! We want to be one with You, Lord! Deepen this organic union between us and You! Keep us here, in this sweet touch with You – receiving all Your riches!


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