by His bruise we were healed – we can apply the death of Christ to our being and be healed!

One particular aspect of Christ’s all-inclusive death is that Christ died for us to be healed! “By whose bruise you were healed” (1 Pet. 2:24-25) – we have been healed by Christ’s bruise! We were dead(Eph. 2:1) but Christ’s suffering of death healed our death so that we may live in His resurrection. He healed us of our death and His death is available to us daily for our healing! The healing power is in the death and resurrection of Christ! In the Old Testament there is the story of the people of Israel travelling in the wilderness and becoming very thirsty(Exo. 15:22-27). They eventually reached a place called Marah where there was water – but the water was bitter! They complained to Moses and they murmured against Jehovah; Moses, in his turn, instead of striving with this murmuring and complaining people, cried out to the Lord! In response, God showed him a tree – when Moses cast that tree in the waters, they were made sweet! According to 1 Pet. 2:24 the tree signifies the cross of Christthe unique cross of Christ as the tree is the only healing thing in this universe! Today in our situations also we need to apply the cross of Christ, the death of Christ, so that any bitter situation or bitter part of our being would become sweet! Many things in our environment and many situations, as sweet as they are in the beginning, become bitter eventually. People, situations, things, environments – they are many times bitter to us. Even more: we ourselves in our being are bitter! This is why we need to come to the Lord daily and apply the cross of Christ to our being, so that any bitterness would be turned into sweet drinkable water!

The Lord uses our experience of His cross in bitter circumstances so that He may test us and expose us – He wants to show us what we really are. The experience of the cross exposes our motives, our intentions, and our desires! Everything in us is bitter – unless we apply the cross of Christ to our being and to our situation! Through the application of the cross of Christ, the Lord heals us! He may not change our environment or the situation we are in – but through the application of His cross to our being, He heals us! We need healing in the mind – our crooked mind, so bitter, thinking so many other things besides the Lord…. we definitely need to be adjusted in our mind! We need healing in our emotion – so “sticky” to many other things or persons besides the Lord, loving things that the Lord hates and hating things that the Lord loves, so cold towards the Lord many times, not loving the saints…. our emotion needs adjusting and healing! We need healing in our will – so strong and stubborn before the Lord and yet so weak and pliant towards the enemy, choosing things or people that the Lord may not approve, hindering the Lord and not being in accordance to the Lord’s will, or simply not choosing the Lord all the time, not choosing the things of the Lord or the church life… our will needs healing!

The Lord brings us to “the experience of Marah” times and times again – so that we may experience Him in His crucifixion and be healed! May He show us “a tree”, may He show us the cross of Christ, by Whose bruise we were healed! By the inward application of the cross of Christ we are healed from any bitterness! We need to turn to Him and be identified with Him in His crucifixion again and again so that our whole being would be healed! Healing in our physical body is good – but every human being needs healing in their soul! Only Christ is the One who can heal us! Through His death on the Cross we have been healed! All we need to do is to come to Him and apply the cross of Christ tou our situation and to our being! Just come to Him and touch Him – His cross will be applied to you! [sharing inspired by the Life-Study of Exodus msg 30 and the morning revival on the Crystallization-Study of Isaiah(2)] [Read this portion also in Spanish / Puede leer esta porción también en español, Por Su herida fuimos sanados – ¡podemos aplicar la muerte de Cristo a nuestro ser y ser sanados!]

Lord, we come to You again and again! How much we need Your healing! Thank You, Lord, for exposing us times and times again! Save us from running away from You or trying to escape the situations! We want our whole being to be healed! Thank You for Your all-inclusive death! By Your death we have been healed! Lord, keep us applying the death of Christ to our being and to our situation! Be so real to us, Lord… make our being and our demeanor so sweet! Only You are the sweet One – and only You can heal us and make us the same as You are! Keep us coming to You, dear Lord!

5 thoughts on “by His bruise we were healed – we can apply the death of Christ to our being and be healed!

  1. Lord how I thank and praise Thee for exposing us, our bitterness – our experience and even our being. We come to You with a pure heart to heal us Lord our soul day by day. We want taste Your sweetness. O Lord turn our bitterness into sweetness. O LORD JESUS!

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