Christ will prosper in the pleasure of Jehovah and He will extend His days – we are His continuation!

Through Christ’s death and resurrection He produced the many grains – the many sons of God – the many brothers of Christ! This is actually the pleasure of Jehovah – it pleases God to reveal Himself into us, to make us the seed of Christ, to make us a part of Christ, to make us sons of God! God’s desire is not only that Christ would come and redeem us back to Himself and reconcile us to Himself; God does not want Christ only to die for us. God Wants that Christ as His Beloved and Firstborn Son in resurrection would live again – in all the members of His Body! After He made His soul an offering for sin(He sacrificed Himself for our sin), He will see a seed – He will see the Body of Christ being produced and being formed – and He will be satisfied! This is what Isaiah 53:10-11 says,

… When He makes Himself an offering for sin, He will see a seed, He will extend His days, and the pleasure of Jehovah will prosper in His hand. He will see the fruit of the travail of His soul, and He will be satisfied…

The seed produced by Christ in His resurrection is us His believers for the building up of His Body as His continuation, with which He will extend His days! Christ was not defeated on the cross, and He is not unsuccessful in what He came to do on the earth; rather, He is the most successful Person in the universe in God’s universal enterprise! Yes, He died for our sin and He travailed in His soul; but in His resurrection He saw a seed – He saw the many believers as His continuation and His extension! This is God’s good pleasure – and Christ prospered in God’s pleasure! No one has been able to defeat Christ – not even death! Rather, He prospered, He has His continuation and the extension of His days, and today Christ still lives on the earth through and in His many believers! Just as He said in John 14:19, “Because I live, you also shall live” – so we can also say to Him, “Lord, because we live today, You also live in us“.

Everything is for God’s good pleasure – we live on earth not for ourselves but for God and for His good pleasure! We are regenerated for God’s good pleasure, and God’s dispensing of Himself daily into us is also for the accomplishing of His good pleasure – which is to have many sons, to have Christ living again in all the members of His Body. Our gospel preaching is not just for the saving of souls for the Lord, but it is for God’s pleasure – our preaching of the gospel is to make God happy. God is satisfied when Christ’s Body increases on the earth and is built up. Christ today as the High Priest in the heavens and as the life-giving Spirit in our spirit is prospering in God’s pleasure by making God happy in all He is and He does! Christ builds up the church and He makes His home in our heart – for Jehovah’s pleasure! In the whole universe nothing but the church could be God’s good pleasure. Christ’s hand is moving today – and the pleasure of Jehovah is prospering in His hand. Everywhere on earth people are being saved, regenerated, and then transformed, renewed, conformed – for God to obtain His good pleasure, the church! The church is Christ’s continuation and the extension of His days – Christ is being manifested and expressed in the church today! This is one of the many results and issues of Christ’s resurrection. [sharing inspired from the life-study of Isaiah and the Holy Word for Morning Revival on the Crystallization-study of Isaiah(2)]

Amen, Lord, we are here for God’s pleasure! Thank You for not only dying for us but also resurrecting from the dead and regenerating us! You did all this for God’s good pleasure – and all You do today is for God’s pleasure! Lord, infuse such a desire and aspiration in us, and show us that we are here on earth not for ourselves but for God and His good pleasure! Make Your heart’s desire be our heart’s desire – until we are one with You in accomplishing God’s good pleasure!


7 thoughts on “Christ will prosper in the pleasure of Jehovah and He will extend His days – we are His continuation!

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