the creation as a picture of our need for growth in life(sharing from the yp conference in Poland)

O Lord Jesus! O Lord Jesus I love you! O Lord Jesus I love You!!! I am really happy that despite my illness, I could attend the conference! It took four days – but how wonderful it was! Praise the Lord for the saints, for the mutual interceding in prayer for one another! I feel that the whole time during the conference we could see how God loves us. The only thing we could do to make Him happy and satisfied is to love Him back 🙂

I am glad that during the conference, there was an emphasis on spending 7 mins. with the Lord. Thanks to that, I could see that every day, in fact, I am not able to give myself to Him, to open my heart to Him, I cannot even love Him! Oh, but Praise the Lord that in Him we have the supply! – during my 7 minutes prayer time I gained something every time. I learned how to turn to the Lord and ask Him to open my heart so that my consecration wouldn’t be only of me, but that He would teach me to love. I do not want to love Him with my human love – my love is full of shortcomings. I want this love to grow bigger and more wonderful – I want to love the Lord and all the saints with His perfect love!

During the last message, I heard a very important statement, which opened my eyes! I’ve known that the church is not a building since I was a child – but that’s not all, because I realised that even knowing this does not give me the right vision of the church! The church is not us! The church is Christ in us!!! So if we say that there is sin in the church, we say at the same time that there is sin in Christ! O, Lord Jesus, show us clearly that the church is holy, without blemish! Hallelujah!

I also enjoyed the way God created the world, and how this type/story is related to us. I have always known only that in one day God created the heavens, the earth, then the atmosphere, the light, etc. but never have I realised that God had to divide certain things for other things to be formed and how much this vision relates to our lives today! Oh Lord! Each day is a day of dividing!

Day 1 – we see the Spirit, the Word and the Light – they symbolize our regeneration!

Day 2 – the waters are separated – the heavenly things are separated from the earthy things, the common things from the holy things! Each separation hurts. In order to gain us totally, God needs to help us get rid of anything that is not Him – often it is something or someone that we are devoted to. But then we have to ask ourselves this question: are these things as precious as our life with the Lord is? O, saints, there is nothing and no one that would be as precious or worthy as the life that the Lord is offering us is!

Day 3 – The earth gets separated from the seas, flora(the plant life) is created – they typify the resurrection of Christ and our experience of His resurrection life at its lowest level. We are starting from being “grass”. Then we
become “herbs with seeds”, out of which grow plants that give fruit, and then we become trees! Hallelujah!

Day 4 – the stars, the sun and the moon appear! – Christ (the sun), the Church (the moon), and the overcoming saints(the stars)! Hallelujah! These luminaries enhance the separation of the light from the darkness in order to enable the growth in life! This particular point made a great impression on me! Christ alone is not enough for our growth in life, neither is the church alone nor the overcomers alone! We need all these three types of light to shine so that we may grow in life! Only due to those light-bearers we may grow in the Lord more and more!

Day 5 – the birds in the heavens and the fish in the water were created – here our spiritual life was firstly compared to the life of fish. It is incredible that the fish live in salty water and yet they do not die! They can survive! So are we, just like the fish – we have SOMETHING in ourselves which helps us not to absorb the salty water. We need the highest concentration of Christ! Only He can protect us! Therefore, we need to eat and drink the Lord! 🙂

Day 6 – the animals on the dry ground were created – Praise the Lord for this day! This further creation means that the life of birds will not satisfy the Lord completely. What a wonderful vision that we can also be “a cow which gives milk”, we can be those who nourish the others! Lord, please teach us how to feed others! However, neither the cow nor any other animal cannot fully satisfy God. This is why He also created a man! Even more, God created man in HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS! Only man can express God – no animal was created for this purpose. Man was made in a shape which can be filled only by Christ! This is why the world cannot give us a full satisfaction – Only God can Satisfy Us! [this it the first part of sister Debora L’s sharing from her top enjoyment from the recent young people’s conference in Lipowiec, Poland]

Satan eats dust – which means that Satan can eat us – let us not allow him to do it! This is why we need a different building material than dust – we need Christ! May “Satan break his teeth on us”!


4 thoughts on “the creation as a picture of our need for growth in life(sharing from the yp conference in Poland)

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    • Yes, Lord, divide! Divide the precious from the worthless! Divide the holy from the unholy! Divide the heavenly from the earthly! Divide to possess! Measure to possess!

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