being saved from concerns, worries, and natural thoughs into Christ and the fellowship of the Body! (testimony)

I recently visited Latin America for three weeks. I blended with some churches who are pursuing Christ in the middle of a quite complicated political context, amidst poverty and practical limitations – especially related to moving or gathering together. One of the saints came to pick me up by taxi at the station in one of the cities.  I was concerned about any negative things and I was trying to moderate myself so that I would disturb him as little as possible. The brother noticed my work and told me, looking directly to me: “No, brother, do not worry at all, everything is fine, do have peace.” I recalled the hymn 132 that reads: “All is well”. I certainly had the peace of the Lord at that time(1 Timothy 1:2). I was being disturbed by external issues and I was caught up in my own own way of thinking. I was being superficial by focusing on something else but Christ Himself. This dear brother brought me back to the Christ in my spirit. Praise the Lord! I was saved from my natural independence and “justice” into Christ.

I was also invited to a meeting with some young people – with about 20 saints plus the responsible ones. They expected me to share something to them. At first I had no idea whatsoever, because I was again centered on the environment. So I prayed. When I contacted Christ in my spirit, I saw that actually they had no special needs but one: Christ and the church. I was saved from the usurping environment and from my private conclusions and inferences – into the Lord! We had a great time. I spoke briefly about the birthright (see the Young People Conference 2010, Poland camp) and the Scriptural balance between the Word without and the spirit within (see the sharings from the Winter School of Truth, London 2010). Then we had some prophecies, some exhortations and some hymns. When the meeting was over, the rudimentary meeting hall did not seem poor anymore, for we were all filled with the shining Lord and we all had a released spirit!

We also went to visit a sister in a different city. She had recently become a widow with four children. She had served with her ​​husband for several years there and transmitted peace to us from the very beginning. We were in her place ​​for half an hour and all this time was a time of joy and rest as we spoke and prayed together. I found that she was not troubled – she was not even worried or disturbed. When we asked her how she was doing, she just answered: “I rejoice in the Lord, saints“. She briefly addressed the issue by talking regarding her experiences in the Lord’s abundance, comfort, and sweetness, especially after her loss. She smiled and immediately asked us about the Lord’s move to Europe, the saints in Spain and our trips, commenting that we looked a little tired. We were very impressed and nourished.

I was at the same time saved from the dryness of my worries and my misdirected emotions – I was saved into the Lord into the fellowship of the Body! On our way to this sister’s place I felt a worried, hurt, and sad when I thought of both the recent departure of her husband(a beloved saint to all of us) to be with the Lord, and the adversities she is today facing because of her widowhood. When we left her home, Christ was so real and close to me, and I felt so filled and in touch with Him. It is so true – in order to serve others we need to be served by the Lord first (2 Cor 1:4).

This trip was indeed a “being-saved-back-into-the-Lord trip” in the fellowship of the Body of Christ. I was saved more into the Lord from the environment, from the circumstances, from the negative situations outside, and from the disturbing thinking, worries and natural conclusions which can drag you away from God’s reality(which is within us). I was constantly pulled back into the Lord by those saints through their tender and nurturing care of me, to enjoy His bountiful supply all together to build up His Body. Hallelujah! I was very blessed with those saints’ precious Christ being ministered to me; despise their adversity, amid their daily pressure, limitations and material poverty. [Brother Rafael’s testimony from his recent visit to Latin America] [read this testimony also in Spanish via, Fui salvo del entorno, las circunstancias, las preocupaciones, pensamientos y justicia naturales hacia Cristo, en la comunión del Cuerpo]


2 thoughts on “being saved from concerns, worries, and natural thoughs into Christ and the fellowship of the Body! (testimony)

  1. Whenever we are not centered in Christ, we are not being saved practically and properly. The Lord should be our day-by-day reality and goal. We need Him in negative and even in positive situations. We need to be saved from evil things and from good things. Whatever keeps us away from the Lord is something from which we need to be saved… and that is indeed something opposed to the Lord.
    Oh, Lord, may we remain in You to be saved!
    You are our all-inclusive savior and salvation!
    Thank you for You can save us from the environment back into You!
    Save us from ourselves back into You!
    We need to be skillful in opening ourselves to You to receive and experience You as our salvation!

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