we are being freely justified by faith in Jesus Christ through His redemption on the cross

We all have read the verses in Rom. 3:23-24 which say,

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified frely by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus.

In God’s economy He wants to dispense Himself into man as his life and everything so that He would be fully expressed in humanity. But man fell – he broke the requirements of God’s righteousness and was condemned by God’s righteousness! God’s righteousness is the highest standard – much higher than any righteousness we could achieve by ourselves! We cannot be approved by God by doing our best to have our own righteousness – we need to be JUSTIFIED! Because of God’s righteousness, all the sinners – which is all mankind – are under God’s condemnation. But Christ came and died a vicarious death for us on the cross – and now God can freely justify us based on the redemption of Christ! If we just believe in the redemption of Christ, we will be justified! Romans 3:28 further says,

For we account that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law.

We are justified by faith! God’s justification erases God’s condemnation – and it is according to the highest standard, the standard of His righteousness! Christ paid the highest price and offered Himself as the perfect sacrifice for our sins(He was the fulfillment of all the offerings in the Old Testament) – through Christ’s blood we can now receive and gain God’s forgiveness and God’s justification! Christ’s death has met all the requirements of God’s righteousness, and whenever anyone believes in Christ’s redemptive death, he is justified! God approves us and God justifies us – through our faith in Christ! This is not just something outward – our faith in Christ is actually our organic union with Christ. By believing into Christ we are put into Him and united organically with Him. Now all He is and has is ours, and all His achievements are ours also. We have now become “the righteousness of God in Him” due to our organic union with Christ! As believers we are now IN CHRIST, one with Christ, and daily this wonderful Person is being wrought into us! We are being organically constituted as the righteousness of God in Christ!

Of course, according to God’s eternal purpose He set Christ as our redemption for the purpose of us being made sons of God filled with His life and expressing Him! So God justifying us is for His life-dispensing into us! God’s full salvation is based on His righteousness and is consummated in His life. On the one hand there is the judicial aspect – Christ died a vicarious death for us on the cross; on the other hand there is the organic aspec – we believe into Him, we receive His life, and we are daily growing in His life unto maturity! Now we are sons of God, fully justified by Him through our faith in Christ, growing daily unto maturity! We don’t need to do something to justify ourselves before Him – we just need to repent and come to Him, believing in His redemptive work on the cross, and we are being organically united with Him! In this organic union we are justified before God and are even made the righteousness of God in Christ! [sharing based on enjoying portions of the life-study of Romans and the life-study of Isaiah]

Praise You Lord for this wonderful provision! Thank You for the perfect redemption accomplished on the cross! May we really see that it is by faith in Christ that we are justified! We want to stop trying to improve our righteous act; rather, we want to just come to You! Praise You, Lord, for this wonderful organic union! Keep us here, in the sweet touch with You – in the union with You in our spirit! Lord, we love You! Thank You for justifying us freely through our faith in Christ. Lord, we believe into You! We believe in Your redemptive work.


3 thoughts on “we are being freely justified by faith in Jesus Christ through His redemption on the cross

  1. In God’s economy He wants to dispense Himself into us. He is willing and capable to do so, because He is the Spirit today. Beyond any reasonable doubt, and as revealed in His Word, He wants to impart His whole being into man so man can become one with Him.. same nature, life, image, species and authority… of course not in the Godhead.
    This is our salvation, the only one which could take us to the conclusion of the Bible and God’s economy, according to His desire and purpose. Oh, Lord, your economy is so marvelous! Thank You for including us! Amen!

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