as children of God we are under The Discipline of God – podcast #37 on

Did you listen to Podcast #37 from the website? It is entitled, The Discipline of God, and has as introduction: How do we know that we are genuine children of God? We know because we have a Father who not only loves us but also disciplines us as His sons (Heb. 12:7). In this podcast we will see the reason behind the discipline of God and learn what to do when we are under His discipline. Below are two small portions of enjoyment from this podcast(you can listen to it online here: The Discipline of God, mp3).

What an enjoyable podcast! Hallelujah, God our heavenly Father disciplines us so that we may be trained and perfected! God often disciplines us as a father disciplines his sons so that we may learn certain lessons and partake of His holy nature. We need to develop a normal healthy fear of God. It is hard for us to know, to enjoy, and to pursue Him if this fear is something that is not in our being. We need to be infused with a healthy fear of God. In the age we live in today there is no fear of God; people think they can do anything they want with no consequence. But the Bible tells us that God is real and that one day He will come to judge all kinds of people. There is a day coming when everyone will believe that God exists. Today they may mock this, but one day they will believe that there is a God. Therefore, we need to learn certain things in our Christian life. We are real children of our dear Father, and therefore, we will be subject to His discipline. Continue reading this portion via:

as children of God we are under The Discipline of God – podcast #37 on


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