Christian Students Conference in Wales, life and building as revealed in the gospel of John(1)

This past weekend we had an international conference for the students in Wales, the Spring 2011 College Age Conference in Wales. As usual, a couple of hundreds of young loving seekers of Christ got together in the lovely hills of Wales, close to Newtown Powys, to enjoy the Lord and hear His speaking! The topic this time was, Life and Building as Revealed in the Gospel of John. Several of the students participating in the conference have prepared a short testimony – their top enjoyment from the conference. Below there are the introductory paragraphs of two such testimonies[read them via].

In John chapter 5 we see the need of the impotent – life’s enlivening. In this chapter we see a man who was sick for 38 years, who was waiting for healing in a place called Bethesda(Hebrew) – where there was a pool. An angel went down from time to time in the pool and stirred up the water, and the first one who get into the water after the angel stirred up the water was made well – their disease would be healed. But the problem was that this sick man could not move – he was impotent, paralyzed, and no one helped to put him into the pool when the water was stirred up… [continue reading this testimony via, the need of the impotent – life’s enlivening(sharing from the college age conference)]

Praise the Lord for such a wonderful conference. Never have I seen Life and Building revealed so clearly in the Gospel of John before! I really enjoyed message six related to, The Issue of life Processed through Death and Ressurection a Divine-Human Incorporation ( John 14-16). I was really touched by the Lord’s compassion and love shown in John 13:4-5 in the Lord’s washing of the disciples’ feet. The Lord took off His outer garments – He put off all that He is and has accomplished – and girded Himself with a simple towel! Such a humility! [continue reading this testimony via, Jesus washed His disciples’ feet – so cherishing!(sharing from the college-age conference)]

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