David’s sin plus his repentance married with God’s forgiveness produced Solomon – wow!

David was a man after God’s heart, and he knew God and His heart. But he also had this major failure when he committed adultery and murder in order to obtain Bathsheba, the one who has been the wife of Uriah. God came to David and rebuked him, and David repented – God forgave him, but still, he was punished by God(their first child died). Eventually, Solomon was born of the “one who had been the wife of Uriah” – Solomon was the product of a special marriage between David’s transgression plus his repentance joining God’s forgiveness. He is the issue of a profoundly serious transgression committed by king David, involving adultery and murder. Yes, David was forgiven by God – but he was also govermentally disciplined by Him, and it is then that David prayed the prayer in Psa. 51. Continue reading this portion via,

our transgression plus our repentance joining God’s forgiveness issues in something for the building!

2 thoughts on “David’s sin plus his repentance married with God’s forgiveness produced Solomon – wow!

  1. I was touched by this message. I enjoyed it. We are weak in flesh. We need to guard our body tht we dont fall in flesh. In case, if we fall, we should repent before Lord and turn our spirit to the Lord. We should be always in the spirit to avoid from iniquity’ Amen

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