we need to be saved from any human labor by simply enjoying Christ daily!

Today we are in the age of the jubilee – the age of grace – which means that we should have no worry or anxiety, no concern or care, no lack or shortage, no sickness or calamity, and no problems whatsoever, but rather we have all benefits! In the jubilee, all things are for our satisfaction…. Yet if we look at ourselves, at our human life on earth, we will realize that our human life is not always satisfying, our environment is not always gratifying, and the people around us are not always pleasant and wonderful towards us! Just like the apostle Paul in Phil. 4:11-13, we need to learn the secret of being content in all things – whether in lack or in abundance, whether in persecution or appraisal, whether filled or in hunger. The secret is that everything can be satisfying to us only after we have gained the all-inclusive Christ as our enjoyment! The secret to being content and satisfied is Christ – enjoying Christ in any kind of situation will make us content and satisfied! It is not outward persons, situations, matters, or things – but the Christ within who enables us to be calm and free from worries, not distracted or troubled by the things happening around us. We just need to enjoy Christ! Continue reading this article via,

human life at its best is filled with labor; BE SAVED from any human labor by enjoying Christ!


One thought on “we need to be saved from any human labor by simply enjoying Christ daily!

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