God as the eternal life is a feast – the Word of life we enjoy is “an appetizer”

Isn’t that true? When you read the first Epistle of John chapter one you see that John starts in a mysterious way to introduce something of the eternal life – and he begins with The Word Of Life… Just as before a large meal – like the dinner – we sometimes have an appetizer, so when John wanted to present to us the wonderful mysterious eternal life, he first serves us the Word of life as an appetizer. To stir up our appetite and our desire to have, enjoy, know, and live out the eternal life, the apostle John tells us about the Word of life – which contains the eternal life and which is the divine Person of Christ as an account, a definition, and an expression of all that God is! Actually even the construction of the phrase “the Word of Life” in Greek means that the Word IS life – and indeed, in Him is life(John 1:4) and He is life(John 11:2514:6). Continue reading this portion regarding,

the Word of life is “an appetizer” to our enjoying God as the eternal life as “many courses”


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