did you know that the Triune God is man’s triune entrance into the New Jerusalem?

I am so grateful to the Lord for the ministry of the age who unveils to us the mysteries in the Bible in the way of life, unlocking all God’s riches in the Word! I have never thought that Luke 15 is connected with Eph. 2:18 and these two speak of the New Jerusalem(at least in miniature)! The Bible clearly says in Eph. 2:18 that we have access unto the Father through Christ in one Spirit. Also, in Revelation 21 we see the New Jerusalem, the ultimate consummation of God’s work in man – and this golden city which expresses God has twelve gates: three on each of its four sides. There are three entrances on four sides – reaching out to every part of the earth. Wherever you are, whomever you are, in whatever condition or country you are, the Triune God as the triune entrance into the New Jerusalem is open and ready to bring you in! Continue reading,

the Divine Trinity is our triune entrance into the New Jerusalem, into the Triune God!

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