every chapter in Ephesians shows that God’s economy is accomplished in our mingled spirit

Praise the Lord for God’s economy! The economy of God(His household administration according to His heart’s desire) revealed in the book of Ephesians is accomplished by the exercise of our mingled spirit for the dispensing of the Triune God into us unto the building up of the church as the Body of Christ(1 Tim. 1:3-6Eph. 1:51 Tim. 3:9)! Wow, what a statement! In the book of Ephesians we see – in every chapter – the mingled spirit(which is our human spirit mingled with the divine Spirit which has been compounded, is all-inclusive, and has been consummated). When we turn to our spirit and we exercise our spirit, we touch the Body of Christ – because the Body is in our spirit! Continue reading this portion via,

God’s economy is fully accomplished by the exercise of our mingled spirit (as revealed in Ephesians)


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