Christ came to do God’s will: He opened a way for us into God, and He is our believing capacity!

The Epistle to the Hebrews is so rich – there are so many aspects of the all-inclusive Christ revealed in this book! He is the One sent by God coming to “do God’s will”(Heb. 10:9) – He came to put away the animal sacrifices of the old covenant and to establish Himself, in His Body, as the unique sacrifice for sin! He terminated God’s Old Testament economy and initiated God’s New Testament economy in which Christ replaces with Himself all the offerings, matters, things, and persons! In God’s New Testament economy Christ is the centrality and universality for producing and building up of the church as the Body of Christ – consummating in the New Jerusalem! This is why Christ came and died on the cross – to replace all the Old Testament sacrifices with Himself as the unique sacrifice for sin and to regenerate, transform, and glorify the believers that they may be members of the Body for the consummation of the New Jerusalem! Continue reading about the all-inclusive Christ in Hebrews via,

Christ opened a new and living way into God and He is the Author & Perfecter of our faith!


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