the solution to all the actual problems in the world today is the Lord’s return!

at His second return Christ will recover the earth and solve all the problems of humanity!When the Lord Jesus came the first time, He took care of the spiritual problems of mankind – He took care of our personal problem, dying for our sins, delivering us from sin, Satan, and the world. In His second coming, the Lord Jesus will deal with all the problems on the earth! When He returns, the Lord will take care of all the social problems and will remove the human system. Our personal salvation has been taken care of, we have the divine life, but there are still many problems today – when the Lord Jesus will return, He will deal with the social system and the human society!

Christ will recover the whole earth!

There are so many problems in this world – there are many vices, the political system is very unhealthy, there are many contradictions in the human institutions, the future looks gloomy… The more people consider this situation, the more they are confused – and the more problems come! How can someone survive in the next generation? There is food shortage, there’s much injustice, the prisons are full with people, there are crisis between nations, cultures, races, religions, etc … What should our attitude be as Christians, as believers in Christ?

Hallelujah, God has prepared a solution for all these problems! It is not through our doing something today outwardly, but it is at the Lord’s second return that all these problems will be solved! Continue reading via,

at His second return Christ will recover the earth and solve all the problems of humanity!

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