Christ is being reproduced as the meal offering in the church life today

becoming the reproduction of Christ as the meal offering church life today [picture: green grass and blue sky wallpaper]In Leviticus 2:1-13 we see the meal offering, which was ordained by God for the people of Israel – for God’s satisfaction. The meal offering was composed of fine flour mingled with oil, and frankincense on top of it. Also, salt needs to be added – salt shouldn’t be missing from the offering. This type was fulfilled in the person of the Lord Jesus, who had the highest humanity (the fine flour) mingled with divinity (the oil, the Spirit of God), living by the resurrection life and manifesting the aroma of resurrection (frankincense), and always living under the cross (the salt). Today we want to see MORE about each of these elements and how we can experience them, enjoy them, and become the reproduction of Christ as the meal offering church life.

the fine flour – the perfect humanity of Christ

If you read the Gospels you will be impressed with the high standard of humanity the Lord Jesus had. He had the highest and the best humanity, living a life according to the highest standard of morality. Story after story and case after case, we can see that His humanity was so high, and “it was oiled” with divinity, anointed by the Spirit of God. The Lord Jesus didn’t live only by and in His humanity – He lived by the divine life which saturated and mingled His human nature, having a life of a God-man – something that the world has never seen before! Continue reading via,

becoming the reproduction of Christ as the meal offering church life today

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