the need to properly appreciate and exalt Christ, giving Him the preeminence

desolation comes in when God's people do not properly appreciate and exalt Christ [in picture: beautiful sunset, via Wikipedia]This week we are continuing to get into the Psalms – the Crystallization-Study of Psalms, part two, from Psalm 74 onwards. Book 2 of the Psalms ends so positively, and we would expect that everything is fine with the people of God – but in Psalm 74 we see that the house of God is desolated. What has happened in the meantime, why is God’s house desolate, and why is the city of God in ruins? The desolation of God’s house was caused by the people of God not appreciating Christ and not giving Him the preeminence in all things. Desolation creeps in whenever we don’t give Christ the first place.

the cause of the desolation of God’s house

In Psalm 74 we see that the temple – God’s house – was desolated to such an extent that it was burned (Psa. 74:7-8), and the city surrounding the temple was ruined (2 Chron. 36:19). What is the reason for the desolation of God’s house? Apparently it is because the people of Israel were evil and sinful, and they didn’t obey God’s commandments. But actually the intrinsic reason of the desolation was that Christ was not exalted and properly appreciated by God’s people – they didn’t give Christ the first place, the best love, the preeminence in all things. Continue reading this portion via,

desolation comes in when God’s people do not properly appreciate and exalt Christ


4 thoughts on “the need to properly appreciate and exalt Christ, giving Him the preeminence

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  2. As I was listening to this message again this week, I realized how easily our situations and circumstances, our problems, concerns, anxieties, take us into a personal degradation. So easily we become so bogged down with the cares of our life that the Lord automatically falls down the ladder of our priorities and into second or third or fourth place in our heart. It’s not that we no longer love the Lord, but we our mind and emotions are just a little bit off the right road. Oh Lord! This is why we need to be reminded, and this is why every morning, morning by morning and evening by evening we must place fresh wood upon the altar. We need to reconsecrate to the Lord so that He would be given the proper place in our heart and He would be properly appreciated and exalted by us. Thinking of this I especially felt a deep prayer repeated in me from our brother’s words in this message, “Lord, may everything I do be done out of my love for You.”
    May the Lord have mercy on us to keep us on this straight and narrow way all the days of our lives.

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