why don’t we have a strong realization of the state of war the universe is in today?

why don't we have a strong realization of the state of war the universe is in today?We may have heard that there’s war in the universe and we may have even read the Bible and agreed with it. But as believers in Christ, why do we tend to be indifferent when it comes to this?

Since the whole universe is in a state of war, we cannot be neutral; rather, we need to pray that the Lord would intensify His organic salvation seven-fold that we may be produced as His overcomers in this age! But when we look at ourselves, we find at least 3 reasons for which we don’t have a strong realization of the state of war today:

  1. We are too young in the growth in life. The Lord didn’t lead the people of Israel by the way of the Philistines because they were too young and would get afraid when they see war. Kids don’t understand what war is. If we are at the stage in our growth in life in which our conscience is troubled when we see war, we need to grow in life. The more we grow in life and advance in the Lord, the more we have this consciousness, and the more we have the view that there’s a war in this universe and we can take part in it!
  2. We may be preoccupied with domestic things, the daily life, the things that matter to us. When the soldiers returned from the battle front in World War 1 in England, their people received them warmly and they praised the war, telling them how glorious and heroic it was… These people who were preoccupied with their domestic things praised the war, but the ones coming from the battle felt that they didn’t understand them. You can’t explain what war is, and unless someone has been there, you can’t communicate about it. We may speak of war – and the others speak of organic food, PhD, etc. We need to be freed from our preoccupation mainly with physical and outward things!
  3. We need to be in ascension, on the mount of Hermon, on Amana, to look at the lion’s dens, at the shepherd’s mountains (see Song of Songs 4). Only those who are in ascension have this view. If we are occupied with the earthly things, if we mainly live in the human history, we are earthy, earthly, earth-dwellers, with no perspective. But if we live daily in the divine history, one with Christ in His ascension, we realize how near the enemy is, and we are clear! We are clear about his stratagems, the way he wants to attack, and we are clear how to fight. We need to live in ascension, one with Christ!

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being in harmony with God’s will and standing in the victory of Christ 

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