taking the Lord Jesus as our pattern in working for God

All Christians who love the Lord and want to do something for Him tend to do a lot of outward activities, and especially these days many of these activities borderline with social gatherings rather than having a spiritual substance.

taking the Lord Jesus as our pattern in working for God

If we look at the Lord Jesus, He indeed performed many miracles, did a lot of things, and there’s so much that He did and spoke for God. Peter encourages us to follow in His footsteps, taking Him as our model.

But what does it really mean to work for God? How can we take Christ as our pattern in working for God?

Christ Lived the Father and Was One with the Father

The Lord Jesus lived from the manger to the cross a life under the shadow of the cross, always denying Himself and conversing with the Father, living the Father, speaking the Father’s words, and doing the Father’s will.

He worked with the Father to accomplish redemption and the building of God’s house, and He did nothing from Himself.

As such a One Christ lives in us to live the same kind of life in each of His believers today, so that God may have a corporate God-man living Christ and expressing God on the earth.

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Jesus did what the Father Gave Him to Do

In His earthly ministry the Lord Jesus did the work that the Father had given Him to do (see John 17:4) – He expressed the Father, glorified the Father, and declared the Father by having a living one with the Father in everything.

On the one hand, the Lord Jesus didn’t come to do “a work”, and His emphasis was not on working for God but living and expressing God. He lived, and as He depended on the Father in everything, He worked for God.

On the other hand, the Lord Jesus in His earthly ministry did the work the Father gave Him to do. He did many things for God, and all His work outgrew from His living, since His work was an overflow of the divine life within Him.

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How about us? How can we work for God and with God in such a way that our work will be approved by Him at His judgement seat? It is only by entering into the same work that Christ did and by being one with Christ, working in the same way that He did, that our work will have a value in God’s eyes.

3 thoughts on “taking the Lord Jesus as our pattern in working for God

  1. I love the daily messages and my life and living are touched by them, sending me to the Lord to inquire about my living and intentions versus His living and intentions in me. Thank you for your labor and for feeding His sheep!

  2. Wow, what a wonderful pattern the Lord Jesus is to us. It’s no wonder that He prayed that we all would be one and would enter into the oneness of the Triune God. Lord, may we enter into such a oneness with You.

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